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Curious as we are I often get the same questions asked and I wanted to list them for the ones interested. I also added a few things to give a bit more insight to who I am and what I like!


The most asked question is without a doubt: What photo camera do you use?

I’m currently using an old Canon Eos 30D. They don’t make them anymore though but a better equivalent is the Canon Eos 60D.
The lens I use is the Sigma 18-50 mm f.2.8.

Update: I switched to using a Canon Eos 6D camera with the 24-105 mm f.4.0 lens.
If you want to know more information about my photography equipment, you can find it back here.


Why do you blog in English?

It’s funny how some people think it’s strange to write in English when you’re Belgian. I have a lot of reasons. First of all is the social aspect, I wanted to share it with a broader audience. I mainly read blogs in English and it’s so much fun to share your content and thoughts with those bloggers! Second of all is because this country is bilingual, you have the Dutch speaking side and the French. I really can’t speak or write any French at all so I opted for English. Last reason is practice. I’m very aware of my weird structures in the sentences, I’m working on it. My English is very basic and it will always stay that way for the people that aren’t too familiar with the language. Also, and this sounds weird, but I feel I’m more familiar with the terms and slang of make-up in English. It’s probably because of You Tube and following a lot of blogs in English.So yes, I’m not the best in English, but I wanted to share!


What is your origin?

I’m from Thailand but I’m a mixture of Chinese and Thai. Thai people are known for being small people but thanks to a great diet of Belgian food I’m a bit taller (but still a small one though).


Why does your sister look completely different from you? 

That’s obviously because we are not related by blood. We are adopted by Belgian people.


How do you dye your hair and what do you do?

I don’t dye my hair myself, I go to a hair dresser at my parent’s. Now this was always a bit hard growing up here as a ‘Belgian’ kid. I was obviously Asian and some will know this too well, but Asian hair is different from Caucasian hair. It’s thicker, more coarse (not always  and it’s black. Dying black hair and black Asian hair is not easy because it tends to turn into an orange brassy shade when you bleach it. So it’s important to go to a really good hair dresser (well you can always experiment, but be warned though). I mostly get highlights a few shades lighter and that’s it! I’ve dyed my hair since I was a teen (bad, bad, I know!) because I’m very easily bored by my natural hair.


Who makes your head shots?

I make them myself. Here is what I do: I put the camera on the tripod (you really want a tripod for decent pictures of yourself), click on the button of the remote control (it’s one on a very short wire, so I often have to sit in awkward positions) and pray to the Gods! It’s one of the things that I dislike, you needs tons of patience, and I’m not a patient person when it comes to that!


What are your favourite brands?

I love Guerlain for their lipsticks (Rouge G’s and the Rouge Automatiques are perfection) and stunning packaging. Shiseido because they have a lot of great products (love their eye shadows, mascaras and foundation brush). Dior because they have amazing products in general. Mac because it’s the brand that got me into make-up and lastly but not least Estée Lauder because they are up and coming, their new products are a big hit! Oh and did I mention Urban Decay? Love their eye shadows!


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I hope this answered some of the questions. If you want to know anything else, just ask me! You can leave a comment or tweet me or just go to the contact page :).