Packing For A Small Trip

Guys! I’m finally having a little get-away with the hubby, first time in the year! There has been nothing but work, work and more work this year and it’s getting really tiring. We are putting all our money in hour home but this didn’t keep us from booking a little trip to Cologne. I […]  
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So today we’re talking about hair. It’s been quite a while since I talked about any hair product and it’s mostly because I try to keep things simple. Farmaline contacted me a while ago to try anything on their webshop and I knew I wanted to try a new shampoo straight away. So I […]  
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Kérastase Elixir Ultime

Let’s talk hair today. Speaking of which btw, I got my hair did yesterday! It was a much needed hair colour session, touching up those roots. I also got my hair cut shorter because it grows like crazy and with the warmer weather coming (hopefully) soon it will grow even faster! I have been […]  
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Minis/Sample Love!

I love minis! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of everything mini and small. I liked the very fine and small toys to play with and when I grew older it was still anything cute and small that I’ve been attracted to. It resulted in getting myself two little tiny […]  
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This will make dry hair happy! Today we’re talking hair. Hair with awful dry ends that is. Yep, that sounds like my hair right! I’m not the kindest to my hair, dyeing it for years and it’s asking a lot of my hair. So what I’m looking for is something that will nourish those […]  
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Dry oils, hair elixirs, anything with oils seems to be hot these days. Launch after launch and they keep on coming. But are they worth it and do we need it? Which ones are worth to take a look at and which ones are kinda ‘meh’. Well today I will help you a bit […]  
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If you want to know a little more about my hair, you can read all about it on Sunny’s blog! It’s also my first guest post ever, so I hope you like it! And for all the Belgians out there, enjoy the beautiful weather, I know I will :).  
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I know I don’t write a lot about hair care, but that’s because itused to be nothing excitng. I got some great products to test out lately and I thought let’s give the people a preview! Some people asked about my hair routine, so here are some current products that I’m using. […]  
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