Who is Bellachique?

Bellachique is the result of hard work of two people. Me, Teri, and Peter, my fiancé.

I do all the writing, the pictures and the blog in general. Peter does all the technical stuff, like designing the lay-out, making the blog work and you know, the computer nerdy things, haha! Whenever there is an error or a technical problem, it’s Peter that comes to the rescue, without him this blog would not exist in the first place!

Me (Teri) is the one who came up with the idea of starting a blog after lots and lots of contemplating. There are a lot of great blogs out there, so it wouldn’t be for being original or something, it would be for myself. I wanted it to be good, something that I could be proud of. The first post was written on december 16th 2011, it was the most exciting thing I did in a long time. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but after writing posts every day it became clear to me that this is what I love.

I love all things beauty and I love all things graphic. Those two things combined made this blog. And luckily for me, people are positive about it which I still am very thankful for every day. Every post I write is written with a lot of thought, and the pictures I make are posted here because I like them. I could never publish something that I’m not feeling right about. The reviews that I write are always my honest opinion. For me, writing reviews is like some kind of list I make. I can look it up later and see what I like about it, how it looks and how it performed. I’m a very forgetful person at times, so I can’t live without lists!


So where did the name Bellachique came from?

Well, originally it was supposed to be Bellechique, a twist on Belgique, but since it was already taken it became Bellachique. I wanted the name to have something to do with Belgium because I’m proud to be one of the few Belgian beauty bloggers out there!


And some more random stuff about me:

I love my pets, I am engaged to Peter, I love candy, I’m a late night blogger, also very shy in person, but very talkative once you get to know me, lives in Antwerp, is somewhere past mid twenty (but it’s a secret), loves zombies, is glued to her computer and is secretly hooked on twitter.