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Givenchy did it again with their Holiday collection. It’s one of the heavier looks we’re seeing and that’s all because of the gorgeous gem of an eyeshadow palette. We’re seeing metallic, shimmery finishes and the colour black leads the story in this look. To me this is a perfect look for NYE or for any occasion that asks for a more daring look.


givenchy le prismissime detail 3

givenchy le prismissime detail 2


Le Prismissime Noirs En Folie is a palette with different variations on black. They are all shimmery but the pigmentation and finish varies. You get 9 shades, so there is a lot to play with. The eyeshadow palette comes in a black box. I was surprised at how small it was at first, but it’s perfectly workable. The box has a shimmery design of a star on top, which is very very pretty. As you can see the box is quite thick and that’s because it has a compartment with three little brushes.


givenchy le prismissime detail

givenchy les prismissime swatches row one

givenchy les prismissime swatches row two

givenchy les prismissime swatches row three



Let’s talk about the shades. We see different colours and the tone of the palette leans a bit more cool toned with a few warmer shades. At first glance you’d think they all have the same finish, pigmentation, but that’s not the case. Some shades work more as a iridescent coat of shimmer, while others are better used as a base. The two most pigmented shades were the silver in the middle-right (it’s almost like a foil finish) and the red-brown shade in the lower row.


givenchy le prismissime noirs en folie look

givenchy le prismissime noirs en folie


There are a few things you have to understand from this palette. First thing is: it’s not a palette that provides a complete look. These are all dark shades, it’s the theme of the palette. Second thing is: not all are super pigmented, some are meant for layering. And last thing is: this works best over a dark base. Givenchy has released a Ombre Couture that goes perfectly with this, which I will talk about in the other post. Le Prismissime Noirs En Folie is a gorgeous little gem with lots of options for a dramatic look loaded with lots of glam!

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  1. Wow, wat een fantastisch palet!
    Vooral de middelste rij oogschaduws vind ik echt prachtige kleuren. 😀
    Ze staan je geweldig trouwens!

  2. am I right to think that this palette is out of stock in Europe and in the US? or do you know WHERE to find it?

  3. Oh wow, I love LOVE the metallic finishes to all the shades, love how some of them are complex and they’d be amazing for single shadow smokey looks!

  4. Deze maakt echt een statement, mooooi!

  5. wauw prachtige kleuren! liefs

  6. I personally REALLY like the look of it! And I agree, if you understand how this palette works and how to use it then it can be a real winner.

  7. So….much…..shimmer……..

    I really like the packaging and that green shade, though!

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