givenchy extravagancia part 2


And here we are back again with part 2 of the Givenchy Extravagancia collection. This time I’m showing you a nail polish and a lipstick. In this collection we’re seeing two lipsticks and two nail polishes. Did you know that my love for Givenchy actually started with a lipstick? My first item was a Le Rouge lipstick and the rest is history. The packaging is right on point and it might be even one of my favourite lipsticks ever if we’re talking about looks. The nail polish is another thing that Givenchy excels at. So be sure to try at least one of those two!


givenchy le rouge poupre inoui

givenchy le rouge pourpre inoui swatch


First we have the Le Rouge lipstick. Like I already said, we have two shades in this collection. One is a dark red and the other one is a vibrant pink. Today I’m showing you Pourpre Insense. This is a creamy dark red with a purple tone. The cool thing about it is that it’s a very natural looking red. It reminds me a bit of a bruised red or even a blood red, it’s one of those colours that you can find back in your own skin. The finish is like a velvet, it’s not too matte but it’s not completely like a traditional cream either. I haven’t found a Le Rouge lipstick that disappointed me, they are very consistent in the line. Pigmentation, wear time, texture and feel are all excellent. You can use this in different ways but it sure looks amazing as a full-on vampy lip!


givenchy le rouge poupre inoui lip swatch


givenchy le vernis bronze insense


The second thing is the nail polish. I got Bronze Insense to show you and it’s one of those shades that I adore. It’s not a typical bronze, it’s much cooler toned than most that I own. It comes quite close to a pewter and I’m fairly sure that this might pull a bit green on some skin tones. The finish is a shimmery metallic. It’s not stripy in any way and it’s very easy to apply. For an optimal result you might want to use at least two coats. The metallic finish made it quite difficult to capture this beauty because it reflected so much light! If you love the idea of gold and shimmer for the Holidays but you want something a bit different, than you will love Bronze Insense as an option!


givenchy le vernis bronze insense swatch

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  1. Vind vooral de nagellak echt super mooi ook!

  2. Love both of them. The lipstick is so damn pretty, I kept staring at the swatches. Nail polish is also pretty, very unusual bronze (in a good way)! 🙂

    • They did a great thing with that lipstick! It’s damn sexy if you ask me!
      The bronze is pretty amazing, lovely shade and not as warm as most bronze tones are.

  3. Wauw, die nagellak is zoo mooi!

  4. Waauw, wat mooi! Ben vooral fan van de nagellak!

  5. I’m so happy to see that you’re posting again! Both of these are beautiful. A lot of metallic polishes have been released recently, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything close to Bronze Insensé!

    • Thank you! So happy to be back!
      And yes, Bronze Insensé is quite unique and it looks incredible on the nails. The shimmer is done perfectly in this one!

  6. Mooie foto’s! Dat nagellakje vind ik supermooi!

  7. Pourpre Inoui looks SO much more purple on me than almost everyone else! Kinda makes you wonder what it is about my skin tone that draws all the purple out 🙂

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