burberry holiday lips


And we’re back with part two! This time it’s all about the lips and we’re seeing two shades: gold and oxblood. They both come in two different variations, which makes it fun to play around with. First we have the Lip Mists in both shades and then we have the Lip Glow, also in both shades. I decided to mix and match them for you to see. I paired the gold with the red but as you can see the results are quite different.


burberry lips set 1

burberry gold and oxblood swatches set 1

burberry lipglow in oxblood


The first pairing is  Lip Mist in Gold and Lip Glow in Oxblood. The Lip Mist in Gold 217 is a beige base infused with very fine golden shimmer. The shimmer is not as dense as the golden shimmery lipsticks that I have. The beige base is mostly very sheer on the lips, it does even out the lips but it’s mostly about the shimmer. It’s a great base for any subtle shimmery lip that you want to create and it’s pretty different from what I’ve seen. The effect is very fine and sophisticated, if you want something stronger than this might not be for you. But I actually really love the effect it gives. The Lip Glow in Oxblood 23 is not a true oxblood shade in all honestly. It reminds me more of strawberry jam, it even has the same gel finish. The colour turns more into a red pink on my lips, but this will depend on your own skin tone. I love the gel finish of this lip gloss, it looks very beautiful. Together this pair creates a wearable lip, a great option for those who want something lighter, more playful!


burberry lips set 2


The second pairing is Lip Mist in Oxblood and Lip Glow In Gold. The Lip Mist in Oxblood 214 is more like the true oxblood colour. It’s a deep warm burgundy red. It leans very slightly brown on me. The pigmentation is semi-opaque, it has a slight translucency to it and I’d say that the finish looks like a gel lipstick. It’s a great shade that you can build up. I love wearing it as a more sheer light layer, but you can also make it darker and vampy. The feel of the lipmist is very light and I also love the moisturising feel. The Lip Glow in Gold 25 is a transparant base packed with golden shimmer. We don’t only see golden shimmer, there are actually quite some colours involved. The shimmer is more dense than the Lip Mist version and it’s also bigger. Layered over the Oxblood Lip Mist, it creates the classic red/gold lip that we all so love.


burberry gold and oxblood swatches set 2

burberry oxblood and gold set 2

Now tell me: which one is your favourite?

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  1. The 2nd pairing!

  2. Wat een geweldig mooie kleuren!

  3. Loving the glossy lips, both of them 🙂

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