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People constantly change in so many different ways and so do I quite recently when it comes to scents. I used to prefer light fruity scents for the most time with the odd floral fragrance now and then. I shied away from anything else. When it comes to Chanel fragrances, this was a growing process. For a long time I actually didn’t like any of the scents but after a while it grew on me. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle was my first love. It’s a bit more grown-up than my usual fragrances but oh so feminine and elegant. I unexpectedly fell hard for Coco Noir EDP shortly after that. It’s so different from anything that I usually prefer but it’s magic!


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Chanel released the Extrait version of the Coco Noir scent and let me tell you: it’s divine! The extrait version is an intensified version of the EDP. It’s darker, sexier and stronger. Coco Noir Extrait comes in a tiny 15 ml black bottle. It’s one to adore and love and it looks ultra glamorous with it’s glass cut bottle. The Extrait does not come cheap for such a small bottle: it’s € 207. However you do only need a small amount because it’s very potent.


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The notes are identical to the EDP. Top notes are bergamot and grapefruit. The middle notes are jasmine, rose, narcissus and geranium. The base notes are tonka bean, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, white musk and olibanum.  I’d say the proportions of the notes are maybe a bit different because the scent of the Extrait does smell differently from the EDP and not just because it’s more intense. I get a more darker oriental feel with the Extrait while the EDP had more a smoky slightly masculine and dry feel to it. The Extrait feels more feminine and sensual and it’s because the rose, the vanilla and the white musk are more prominent in the Extrait.

This is a beautiful evening perfume, it will turn heads. It’s also great during the day but this scent is anything but casual. I’d keep it for the special occasions because after all it does not come cheap but it’s worth every penny!

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  1. de geur is niet mijn ding maar het flacon wel 🙂

    • Zo’n klein flesje heeft echt iets magisch hé?
      Het bestaat ook in de Coco Mademoiselle versie, mocht dat meer jouw geur zijn ;).

  2. This is really one that grabs the attention. I agree with you, it’s the kind of fragrance you save for special occasions.

  3. Mmmm… this sounds divine! Love how the bottle looks too, so classy.

  4. I have a thing for patchoulli and vanilla combinations so Coco Noir seems right up my alley. The Extrait version is pretty enticing but unfortunately, the price is way out of my reach. =(

    • Hey Christine!
      I love patchouli but I don’t always love vanilla. I guess it has to be done right.
      Chanel nailed it though.
      And yes the price is quite steep but you should at least give it a sniff at the store!
      I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  5. I remember smelling Chanel Coco Noir before and if I’m not mistaken I did like it but somehow never bought it. You make it sound so delicious that I’ll definitely snif in stores next time ^^ X

    • There is a difference between the EDP and the Extrait.
      They are both amazing but in their own way.
      I love wearing the edp almost every day while the extrait is something I’d wear in the evening.
      It’s really sexy!

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