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Today is about a special fragrance because it’s the fragrance that I wore on my wedding. It’s a bit of a funny story actually because Jo Malone Peony&Blush Suede wasn’t love at first sight for me. Unlike my crush on my husband when I first met him, lol! When Jo Malone released Peony&Blush Suede I sniffed it and thought it was too leathery. I liked it but I didn’t loved it and it quickly faded from my mind. It wasn’t until a year later when I got this sudden obsession with scented candles that I discovered a big love for the Peony&Blush Suede candle. I smelled it at the store and I was sold. It’s even better when you burn it. My wedding was getting closer and I knew I wanted a scent that was based on peonies. I decided on both Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and Jo Malone Peony&Blush Suede. Eventually Jo Malone won and I wore it on my wedding. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is what I wore later on the wedding party.


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Peony&Blush Suede is a cologne and this means that it’s quite transparent. You need quite some sprays to get something but it smells oh so good! On me it lasts a whole day and it develops in such a nice way! The top note is red apple. Middle notes are peony, jasmine, carnation and rose. The base note is suede. Thiss scent is without a doubt very floral but in a fresh way with a slight hint of fruitiness. It starts out a bit sharp and this is my least favourtie stage. You immediately get the suede but it’s a bit overpowering at first. Other dominant notes are peony, rose and red apple. Don’t worry though because it quickly goes to a much softer phase where the suede blends in with the peony to make a beautiful pair. This is my favourite phase. The peony starts blooming together with the rose. You get a sweeter note from the red apple that compliments the peony and the suede perfectly. The jasmine note is very faint and the carnation too.


jo malone peony and blush suede


On the end of the day I get this musky scent of peony and suede. It’s still there and it became a little less floral but still very beautiful. It’s not a boring scent on me, it has quite some phases, like a flower in bloom and each aspect is even better than the other. It’s very feminine and amazing on hotter days or romantic nights. I never would’ve thought that peony and suede would make such a fantastic pair but Peony&Blush Suede proves that it’s pure magic!


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