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Guerlain‘s newest fragrance has the interesting name: L’Homme Ideal or The Ideal Man! I must say that the press kit was quite brilliant and witty. We get the vision of a man and a woman when it comes to the ‘ideal man‘ and needless to say that they are completely different. They do agree on this though: an ideal man is smart, handsome and strong. Well damn, looks like I married the wrong guy, lol! My man is the typical geek which basically means that he loves sitting and avoid anything that involves physical activity. But he is very smart, so we have that going on, lol! Back to Guerlain though, the new fragrance is the solution of wanting an ideal man but not having it. Because the ideal man is a myth (finally a brand that get’s it, lol).


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So let’s take a look at the packaging. The box has a very strong graphical design. It immediately reminded me of those thingies you can scan with your phone and indeed, it’s based on that! It will appeal the modern men that lives in this digital fast world. The bottle itself is so masculine but elegant and luxurious at the same time. We are seeing some strong square cuts with a black cap. The liquid has a warm yellow shade and it gives the bottle a very refined look.


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So how does the ideal man smell like? First we have the intelligence that we seek in a man and this translates to the top notes of citrus, rosemary and orange blossom. Second we have the beauty aspect, and this translates into the heart notes with an almond-tonka bean duo. We also have vanilla and some secret ingredients to add the mysterious flair to the scent (I looove mysterious men!). Last we have strength and this is the base note. We see this in the woody notes like Indiant Vetiver, cedar and leather.


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All together we get a very refined scent. It starts off with a lot of sweetness. And I mean the manly type. It reminds me a bit of Amaretto. We get lots of vanilla, almond and tonka bean at the start. I have to admit it’s a bit strong at first but it get’s really good! You will quickly smell the citrus peeking through together with the leather and cedar for a more woody touch. The rosemary comes out to play as well and it gives this spicyness. It’s suprisingly fresh in a way despite the vanilla and tonka-bean. It’s all about that little citrus touch and the rosemary. The orange blossom gives it a very light floral touch but it’s very subtle.The Indian Vetiver goes great with the cedar and adds to the masculine feel. It took me a minute to fall in love but it’s a very beautiful scent. You need to go through the stages to completely appreciate the beauty of it but it’s a good one!


Eau De Toilette-50 ml- €66

                                 100 ml- €93

Deodorant- 150 ml- €33

Shower Gel- 200 ml- €33

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