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Oh guys, I’m having one hell of a week right now! Things are going not as planned and we’re falling behind schedule with the renovation. I don’t have to mention the stress it causes but luckily I have this little gem called Filorga Time-Filler Eyes. I usually don’t really bother with eye creams because they tend to feel too rich for my oily eyes and I’m just not bothered. Until a good while ago. There are just a few eye creams that could win me over and the Filorga Time-Filler Eyes is one of them.


The claims of Time-Filler Eyes are pretty impressive. Let’s go over them and prepare to be overwhelmed! First of all: wrinkles. This cream has a botox-like ingredient combined with peptides to smooth out the deeper wrinkels and fill them in. My favourite part: eyelids and lashes! It claims to make your lashes grow fuller and longer! Now that’s something absolutely amazing if you ask me. It also combats the sagging of the eyelids. Next thing is under-eye hollows and dark circles. Plumping spheres will fill up the hollow spaces. Plant-based ingredients with a peeling-like ingredient will make those dark circle fade away. The end result is smoother, brighter and fresh looking eyes. Now that is quite some big promises if you ask me!


filorga time filler eyes


Time-Filler Eyes comes in a little 15 ml square pot. The cream itself is very balmy but without being oily or greasy. It feels very soft on the skin and it takes a little bit to sink in. The cream has a subtle nice refreshing smell without being irritating. It smells a bit like plants or green tea. The ingredientlist is huge. I’ll just show you here but it’s a lot! ┬áBut if you make claims like this you need quite some potent ingredients to make it work.


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The way I use it is pretty simple. I prefer to use it at night time right before going to bed. I gently put it onto the skin around my eyes and let it sink in and go to bed. It doesn’t make your face greasy, in fact it’s not greasy at all. It’s like this soft balm that hugs your skin around the eyes before working in. Now let me tell you about my eyes. I don’t really suffer from dark-circles and my wrinkles are pretty okay I guess. What I do suffer from is my eyelids. They are starting to lose their volume and plumpness so to speak. There are some days that I wake up and see that the eye crease is just losing it’s volume and looking tired. My lashes? Well please, I don’t want to do the whole stereotype thing but they are the standard pathetic non-existent Asian eye lashes, lol!


filorga time-filler eyes


So the best part of this cream? I put it on overnight and I wake up with plumper eyelids! No kidding! They just feel so much better and the volume in the skin is back. Do note that this effect is just temporarily. If you stop using the cream, the skin will lose it’s volume again after a while. It really perks up the skin, it made my darker circles appear brighter, but I do barely have dark circles in all honestly. I can’t say anything about the effect on wrinkles though because I don’t really have that much to complain about. As for the lashes: it seems to make them stronger but I didn’t notice longer lashes or more volume. Maybe I need to use it a bit longer I guess.

I have to say and I didn’t think I would: but this cream is good! It really works very well, you have to take those claims with a grain of salt but they actually lived up to most of them. It’s already a staple in my skincare routine and I can’t live without it already! The plumpness that it gives to the skin is what impressed me most, so if that’s what you are looking for, you should really consider this!

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