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Hi you guys! I’m incredibly sorry for disappearing yet again. We’ve hit a pretty rough stage in the renovation right now and life is anything but glamorous right now. Belgium has been hit with tropical weather and the timing could’t be worse. Try to imagine that combined with sweat, sand and dirt and you’ve got the complete picture. I’m very unhappy how everything goes with the blog and quite frankly I haven’t really been near my computer for days. I’m hoping for the next two weeks to be calmer but that’s what I’ve been hoping for since May. But let’s move onto the subject of today: Dior Backstage Pro! Luckily I infuse myself with some beauty every now and then else I’d go crazy. I got very lucky when Dior was so kind to send me the complete Backstage Pro collection and let me tell you, it’s fab!


dior fall winter 2014 2015


Photo Credit Dior

I hope you have been paying attention to the Fashion Weeks and the recent presentation of the Dior Fall-Winter collection 2014-2015. I’m very proud as a Belgian to say that Raf Simons and Peter Philips created a beautiful image. There was a lot of Backstage Pro products in-cooperated in the look as well as the new Dior quints and the new Star foundation (coming out this Fall). The make-up goes perfectly well in synch with the clothes. It combines both historical and futuristic elements. The face is kept very natural and clean and the key element to this look is the silver eye liner. It adds an artificial flair and matches perfectly with the style of the clothes without overpowering it.


dior backstage pro


dior glow


The Dior Backstage Pro products are often used for events like these. They are the base of every look . I’m quite excited to play around with these products and so far they have been really good! You can do a complete make-up look with these products or you can just go for your own favourites.  The products are perfect to create a natural look with a hint of pink. They bring out the natural pinkness out of your own skin tone. We also see primers to prep the skin, eyelids, lips and lashes. For the nails we have Nail Glow, a pink tinged nail polish. Here is just a peek of what’s coming up and I hope you stay tuned for more!


dior backstage pro primers

dior backstage eyes

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