Parfum Divin De Caudalie


parfum divin de caudalie


It was only a matter of time for Caudalie to release a fragrance like this. For those who are familiar to the Divin range will recognise this scent immediately! Mathilda Thomas got a lot of requests to make a fragrance out of the iconic scent that comes with the Divin products. It took her some time but here it is!

The first time I smelled the Divin scent was when I tried the amazing Huile Divin. It’s an oil that can be used on the skin and the hair and it became one of my favourite oils from the moment I tried it. It’s a scented oil and while I normally don’t really like my products scented, this was an exception. Whenever I used that oil I got that fine scent too and it was a big plus. Another way to explore that scent was with their Divine Candle. It’s exactly what it says and it’s also a very big favourite of mine. I love using this in the bathroom because you get an instant spa feel and it adds to that feeling of being pampered!


caudalie parfum divin de caudalie


So about the scent! Parfum Divin comes in the iconic round skinny bottle, something that you also see with the Eaux Fraiches and the Huile Divin bottle. It has a wooden cap, another detail that’s very true to Caudalie. The bottle itself is like an ombre, going from transparant to a shiny silver. The liquid is a yellow golden colour and it goes perfectly well with the design of the bottle. There is only one size available: 50 ml for €49.30.

Notes are grapefruit, rose, pink pepper, vanilla, musk and cedar. Together it becomes a smoky musky rose. It’s somehow comforting, soothing and relaxing and it really reminds me of that spa-feeling. On me the scent doesn’t really develop, it’s the type of scent ‘what you see is what you get’. I have this with some fragrances (a lot of Diptique frangrances are this way on me) and I like it because you don’t have to go through the unpleasant phases. I do have this with some fragrances and it gives me a real love/hate relationship with them.



caudalie parfum divin 2


So when I spray it on it’s a burst of a lot of things. The first thing that dominates to me is the cedar together with the rose and the musk. They are a great trio, going from floral to something more grounded and woody. If you let it sink in you’ll get notes of grapefruit and pink pepper, both providing the kick in the scent. The vanilla provides a very nice base, it gives it that rounded tone to it. It’s a perfect scent for the warm summer days, it’s warm and soothing. I find that the scent has a lot of body and character, and I’m sure that this will get a lot of love. I adore this scent, especially when I’m in the mood for relaxing. I even spray it around the room because it’s so comforting. Definitely worth checking out!

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