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Dior Addict-anything is so hot nowadays, guys! We recently talked about the new Addict Eau de Toilette and today I’m back at it but this time it’s about make-up. Let me introduce you to the new IT-accessory that you need! It’s the It-Line, the new eye-liner from Dior! I heard something about Dior releasing make-up inspired by the Addict line and it’s exactly what I thought it would be: modern, fun, bright and poppy.


dior addict it line 2


With this launch we are seeing four colours (IT-Pink, IT-Purple, IT-Blue and IT-Black)¬†and they are all quite bright and anything but subtle. Dior got the inspiration from Techni colors and I have to say that it really suits the image of Dior while still being very on-trend and modern. The packaging is done very well. We have a skinny dark blue tube with the iconic Addict design. It’s beautiful but still practical, something very important to a lot of us. The eye-liner is the classic type of eye-liner which I actually really dislike. These days you got a lot of options like felt-tips, gel liners and so on. My biggest problem with the classic eye-liner is that the tip was hard to control and the eye-liner is mostly so fluid it got all over my lashes instead of my skin. So you could guess I did have my doubts about these new liners. Curious about my verdict? Read on but first let me go over the shades real quickly!


dior addict it-liners

dior addict it liners


IT-Pink 879 is a medium saturated bright pink with neutral tones. IT-Purple 169 is a medium cool toned purple with slight lilac tones. It’s still bright but not as vibrant as the others. IT-Black 099 is an intense deep black shade. They all have a rubbery matte finish. And with rubbery I really mean like black rubber. It’s very interesting because it’s not just straight-out matte. It’s probably because these liners have a special gel texture. Pigmentation is just perfect with all three but I was most impressed with IT-Black, it’s so intense black!


dior addict it liner look

dior addict it liner looks


The formula is quite excellent. It’s not really very fluid but it’s not thick or goopy either. The little brush of the eye-liner is also really well-designed. The brush is not too long and it’s not too floppy either. This way you get a lot more control over your liner. It was actually a real pleasure to work with these. It’s easy to create a thick or a thin line and it runs smoothly on the skin. The liquid dries fairly quickly, another very big plus. They stay on all day but they are easily removable. I must say that I’m very pleased with them, especially IT-black. It might even be my newest favourite eye-liner (except for my good old friend ‘gel-liner’ nothing can beat that)! I’m quite tempted to pick up the bright blue one because come on, they do very fun colours!


dior addict it liner look 2


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