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Now this was something I didn’t see coming. Dior brought a mascara out in the Addict line ¬†which is a bit surprising because they have a very solid, popular mascara line with the Diorshow range. The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is my favourite amongst all of them so I wasn’t sure if the new Addict It-Lash could beat that. It is released together with the new Addict It-Line eyeliners which I already reviewed here. Today I’m reviewing It-Pink for you, a vibrant fun pink that makes every look playful!


dior addict it lash


The Dior Addict It-Lash is a chunkier version of the It-Line when it comes to packaging. It has that classic Dior blue shade and the typical design of the Addict line. It-Lash is released in four colours (pink, purple, blue and black)¬†that all correspond wit the It-Line eyeliners. It’s up to you to mix and match them! It-Lash promises volume, length and vibrant colours. The brush is the plastic kind. It’s not thick but not too skinny either and it’s quite long. It allows to really define the lashes with every swipe. The tip of the wand has little spikes to reach even the little hairs too.


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The formula is a special latex gel polymer that dries down to a insoluble finish. You simply remove it with warm water or make-up remover. It’s very resistant to sweat, weather conditions and stays on the lashes all day. The texture of the mascara is quite creamy, it’s not too wet though and it’s amazing at holding a curl! It’s not too dry either and it coats each lash with lots of volume. It also lengthens quit a bit and you have some super sexy Bambi-eyes!


dior addict it liner look

dior addict it liner look 2


I didn’t really expected to be blown away but it actually did! I even dare to say that I like it better than the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara. The strongest points of this mascara is holding the curl and adding volume. It does an amazing job when it comes to this. It’s also very smudge proof but removing it is still easy. It removes like a normal mascara so you don’t need to rub your eyes out! I love it so much and got it in black too. I’ll let you know more after I had the time to try it on!


dior addict it lash look 2

dior addict it lash look

dior addict it lash look 3


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