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I can’t believe how many new mascaras there has been released the last few months! I can’t remember the last time trying so many different ones in just a few weeks time. Remember my last review on the Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mascara?  It’s a big favourite here and is perfect for thick dramatic lashes. But today we’re seeing a whole different kind of mascara. Clinique has a nice range of mascaras and two of them stand out for me: the Lash Power and the Bottom Lash mascara. Why? Because they are both tubing mascaras, something I’ve heard good things about but never tried myself.


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So what’s a tubing mascara? It’s a mascara with a special formula. The mascara will literally create a tube around every lash. The good thing about this formula is that it’s very budge-proof. It can withstand rain, tears, sweat and even a dip in the pool. It’s simply removed by warm water and you’ll notice how the mascara comes off in little tubes. It’s safe for contact lens-wearers and it does not irritate the eye. It’s basically some kind of super formula if you ask me!


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The Lash Power now has a sister and it’s the feathering mascara. The biggest difference is the brush. While the original Lash Power has a skinnier brush compared to the feathering mascara, it’s also differently shaped. The feathering mascara has a thick wand with fine bristles. It really makes your lashes feathery and it combs though in a very nice way. It’s designed to not make your lashes clumpy and you actually have to make an effort to get it clumpy. The Lash Power Feathering mascara comes in a grey tube and I have to say it’s rather small compared to most of my other mascaras. It contains 5.5 ml and goes for € 22.55.


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The formula is not too thick and not too wet. It manages to hold my curl. As the name already indicates, you get quite a natural effect with this mascara. It’s great at defining, making it a bit longer and adding a bit of volume. You won’t get dramatic results with this mascara but it’s perfect for everyday, a casual look or just to accentuate your eyes in a natural way. The staying power is sublime! It will just stay on your lashes all day until you wash it off with warm water. It’s water resistant and sweat proof as far as I experienced. And that’s definitely the strongest point of this mascara, it will not go anywhere until you take it off!

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