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This is the third post about the Dior Transat Summer collection and not the last one yet! Today we’re seeing a mix of eyeshadows, eyeliner and a lipstick! They work perfectly well together and are perfect in line with the nautical themed summer look. While I went full-out blue with the Atlantique palette I opted for a more simple look this time. Are you ready for another dip in the pool that’s called Dior Transat?


dior eyeshadow mono


Let’s sart with the Diorshow Monos. We’re seeing two shades in this collection: Cabine and Pavillon. They are both from the Diorshow Mono line but for this edition they got a rope imprint. These eyeshadows can be used wet and/or dry and they work perfectly that way.


dior cabin swatches wet

Cabine swatched dry/wet


dior cabine vs atlantique

Cabine vs Atlantique

dior transat eye look

Cabine used on the lower lashline

Cabine 261 is a dark navy blue cool toned shade. The navy blue has a slight dirty tone to it. It has a shimmery finish and they range from blue to red, pink and silver. When used dry it has a pretty shimmery finish with a slight iridescence. When used wet it becomes slightly metallic and more opaque. Diorshow Mono eyeshadows are mostly really soft in texture. Cabine is no exception and feels soft to the touch. When used wet they become somewhat creamy and are also excellent to be used as a liner. Blue eyeshadows are tricky to make because they often suffer from patchiness. Cabine is pretty smooth to use though and works outstanding when used wet. Some of you have asked me if there is a difference between Cabine and the middle blue shade of the Atlantique palette so I made comparison swattches. Atlantique is more vibrant. The biggest difference is that you can’t use it wet and personally I do prefer Cabine when it comes to pigmentation.


dior bleu croisiere eyeliner


Next we have the Diorshow Art Pen. This is completely new to me because I didn’t even realised that Dior had these type of eyeliners. For this collection Dior came out with a blue version. The Art Pen is the type of eyeliner that comes with a felt tip and looks a bit like a pen. I personally prefer these types of eyeliner over the classic liner because my lashes often get covered by the classic eyeliner which results in coloured goopy lashes.


dior transat eye look 2

dior transat look


Bleu Croisiere 385 is a medium to dark teal shade. It has a semi-matte finish. The pigmentation is really good and I also really love how the formula is not too dry or too wet. My favourite part is the tip of the eyeliner. It’s sturdy but not too stiff. I hate it when some eyeliner tips are too floppy, it makes the precision of your line quite challenging at times. The tip is not too thin either and application is a breeze. Bleu Croisiere is a great change from the classic black eyeliner, it’s dark enough but it makes a very nice difference in your look. It goes great with brown eyes and is a more subtle/easy way to incooperate blue in your eye look!


dior addict lipstick


The last product is a Dior Addict lipstick. For this collection we see four shades. Three of them are red/pink shades and the fourth is a golden shimmer. Dior Addict lipsticks are very pleasant to wear, they all have a balmy texture with a glossy finish. They are low-maintenance and can be easily applied without great precision, something I really appreciate when I’m on the go.


dior addict lipstick


Sunlight 211 is a lipstick that revolves around shimmer. The base is a warm ¬†coppery tone but it’s quite translucent and just really warms up the lip tone. It’s all about the warm golden shimmers really. When used alone you get a very shiny shimmery lip. The shimmers are suite fine and aren’t really that obvious. Together they make the appearance of a glossy nude lip. It’s also a perfect shade to layer on top of other lip colours and the shimmer really works very well like that. A great little tip is to use this on the middle of your lips to give an instant boosting effect. Your lips will appear fuller and the effect will last longer than a lip gloss because it’s a lipstick!


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