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Lipstick or lipgloss? Well, why not both? Hybrid lipsticks aren’t new anymore but you can never have enough of these. Dior released their own version recently and they really nailed it when it comes to looks, colours, texture and feel.  Don’t be fooled when you see these hybrids because they look like a lipstick but they are not! The packaging is a bit deceiving because you think you see a lipstick but is in fact a tube. Plenty of colours in this line, we are getting 16 shades so there must be something you like. Four shades come with a matching nail polish and a Dior Addict/Addict Extreme lipstick. Today I’m showing you three of four shades.


dior addict fluidsticks

dior addict fluid sticks detail


So let’s talk about the packaging. It’s completely designed along the lines of the Dior Addict line, it looks young and modern. The tube is like a lipgloss, you just twist it up and you see the applicator. It’s a bit different from the classic doe-footed applicator because this has more of a slight heart shape. The pointed tip makes precise application a bit easier. Fluid Sticks are water-based. Thats why they feel slightly refreshing on the lips and very light. It’s a beautiful mix of a lipgloss (the shine and the texture) and a lipstick (the pigmentation and the longevity). The Fluid Sticks have a light sweet scent but it’s not very noticeable. A Fluid Stick contains 5.5 ml and goes for 36.75 €.


dior addict fluid stick in mirage

dior fluidstick in mirage



Mirage 338 is a light to medium warm beige rose with a hint of coral. Depending on your skin tone this might pull more coral or more pink. On me the coral comes through in the pictures but in real life it’s a lot more subdued. Mirage is described as a great nude but it’s a little too warm to be a true nude. However it’s a great twist on a nude or mlbb shade. The pigmentation is great with Mirage. It leaves a very light stain but it’s barely noticeable because the stain comes very close to my own natural lip shade.


dior fluidstick in mirage look



dior addict fluid stick in aventure

dior fluidstick in aventure


Aventure 551 is a medium bright orange red. It’s quite interesting because it sometimes looks a bit less warm and sometimes the orange is more prominent. Aventure is a shade that looks quite different on everyone. On some it pulls really orange while others have a red lip. On me it becomes a medium red with quite some orange but it’s less dark than I’d expected. It’s a very pretty shade to wear with a lot of looks and it will look great on both cooler toned and warmer toned skins. The stain is quite light too, the orange really comes through in there.


dior fluidstick in aventure look



dior addict fluid stick in pandore 1

dior fluidstick in pandora


Pandore 754 is a medium saturated pink red. It’s slightly cool toned. Wonderland is a lot more pinker while Pandore still has a lot of red. This is my favourite of the bunch. When it comes to pigmentation Pandore really wins. The colour is deeper and it leaves a better stain. The stain is a beautiful deep pink and it wears off beautifully. It’s quite vibrant and it will look gorgeous on so many lips.


dior fluidstick in pandore look


When I first tried the Fluid Sticks I wasn’t immediately won over. It was something new to me so I really needed to test this several times to form an opinion. I found the quality of these Fluid Sticks very consistent. They all three have the same feel, texture and wear time. But since we have different levels of colour intensity the stain will not always be as deep which is pretty logical. The deeper colours will therefor wear better and longer but the lighter shades wear really well for something this lightweight. The Fluid Sticks are slightly sticky on the lips, something I don’t mind at all. If you want something that feels invisible then this is not for you but I find this quite comfortable. The pigmentation is very good for a texture like this. My favourite part is the juicy finish, it’s really that good! It makes your lips look more plump and the gloss wears off really well. So yes, in the end I’m really convinced, I would really recommend the deeper shades because those are amazing!




dior addict fluid sticks swatches

mirage, pandore, aventure

dior addict fluid sticks swatches 2

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