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Multi-tasking products are or a hit or miss on me. Some are wonderful and some are just a nightmare you want to forget about as soon as possible. We have all kinds of multi-tasking products. When it comes to make-up though it has proven to be tricky. It often has to work on a variety of skin types which is already a difficult thing to master. But since the products has to work on two or even more different areas is just a very big challenge. One of those make-up multi-tasking products that brands have tried to perfection is a two-in-one for lips and cheeks. If we take a look at lips we see that most people are looking for something light and creamy yet moisturizing.  The cheeks are a different story. Oily types want something lightweight with a satin/matte finish while dry types want something that gives life back to the skin. So we end up mostly with a product that is either good on the lips or cheeks but not both. Maybe I’m just really picky but until today I haven’t found a single product that worked on me. So today we meet YSL’s Baby Doll Kiss&Blush.


ysl kiss&blush 10


The YSL Kiss&Blush is formulated for cheeks and lips. It comes in something that looks like an oversized lip gloss tube. The applicator looks a bit like that too but it might be a bit bigger than the average lipgloss applicator. We are seeing 12 shades in this light ranging from vibrant to natural and subtle. They all have a creamy finish without shimmer or glitter. The product itself looks like something creamy and a bit thick. It has the typical YSL mango scent: fruity and sweet but nothing overpowering. Kiss&Blush contains 10 ml and goes for 35.50 €.


ysl kiss&blush in nude insolent swatch

ysl kiss&blush nude insolence lip swatch


Nude Insolent 10 is a medium rose brown. It’s rather neutral and has a red tone. The name Nude Insolent is a bit odd because this is obviously not a nude shade unless you have very pigmented lips. I’d rather call this a ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade. Don’t worry about the brown tint in this colour because your lips and skin-tone will most-likely pink it up. The rose tone is quite strong in here and it prevents it from it looking like a 90’s brown shade. The pigmentation is very impressive, you get what you see. it’s very buildable and you don’t need much.  Nude Insolent is perfect for a more natural look but you can make it more dramatic by layer it up.


ysl kiss&blush nude insolence look 2


So let’s talk about the formula. It starts off like a cream but it’s simply not just that. It’s a lot lighter and it’s very smooth without being tacky or sticky. It works absolutely beautiful on the skin, like a thin layer that melts into the skin. It feels comfortable on the lips and I must say that the applicator works wonders. Maybe it’s the combination of the wand and the formula but I never had a better precise applicator like this before! On the lips it looks like a beautiful cream finish and you can make it darker or wear it as a stain. On the cheeks I simply dab a bit of the product and work it into the skin with my fingers, it’s that easy. It has a very subtle sheen. If you have drier skin you can dab it on top of the foundation and leave it like that. If you have oilier skin you can dust a light veil of powder on top of it. The Kiss&Blush is pretty much incredible, it works amazing on both skin and lips and I’m very very impressed by this! An absolute must-have!


ysl kiss&blush nude insolence look

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