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Well hello my lovely people! I’m so sorry about the sudden disappearing act but my computer died. I’m still in the progress of getting it fixed, computers and me were never best friends tbh. How have you been? The weather has been so nice lately and sometimes it feels like summer already! I already switched to my favourite spring/summer fragrances and they are all very light and fresh. Givenchy has recently launched a very yummy airy scent for the warmer weather and I love it! Think rose sorbets with sparkling notes. Yum! Let’s take a look at the Givenchy Very Irrésistible L”Eau En Rose!


givenchy very irresitible l'eau en rose


For this edition Givenchy gave the fragrance a romantic pink gradient. It has a younger appeal and it also shows how light this fragrance is. Like always Very Irrésistible revolves around roses. The scent is very simple and consists of just a few notes. The top note is black berry. This gives it a slight fruity scent with a little sourness. The middle note is rose, it gives it a floral touch and is the leading role in this fragrance. The base note is musk to ground the scent a bit.

L’Eau En Rose is very airy and lightweight. It’s hard to overdo it and it gives you a veil of sparkling pink roses with a slight fruity touch. It starts off with the prominent scent of the rose but quickly softens with a hint of musk. The blackberry starts peeking through after a while giving it a sweeter and slightly sour touch. I do have to say that on paper it smells quite different. It smells more fresh and I get mostly rose and blackberry. On my skin the musk really shows through and plays an important part.


givenchy very irresitible l'eau en rose detail



Even though this scent has a very simple composition I did not find it boring at all. It evolves through the day going from floral to a more  warmer musk. It really depends on your skin though because this scent is originally meant to be fresh, like crystallized roses. On me however it turns rather warm after a while, but I actually like that. It’s a perfect rose scent to wear during the warmer days because it’s not overpowering and it’s quite transparent without disappearing or being barely there.

Givenchy Very Irrésistible L’Eau En Rose comes in three sizes: 30ml/53€, 50 ml/74€, 75 ml/91€.

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