dior 5 couleurs transat edition in atlantique 2


For this summer collection Dior went for ocean blue shades together with sandy beach/bronze colours when it comes to the eyes. All the eye shadows have the rope pattern, a very nice touch don’t you say? Dior goes for contrast: causal yet elegant. You can go a lot of ways with the shades so it really depends on what you want to go for.


dior 5 couleurs transat edition in atlantique


The Dior 5 Couleurs quints are designed with the rope pattern in the middle shade. The other eyeshadows just have a flat surface. Both quints hold a nice variety of shades and finishes. We have a blue toned palette: Atlantique and we have a bronze/copper palette: Sundeck. While Sundeck is a great option for a beachy neutral toned palette, Atlantique is a bit more interesting. We see the vibrant blue shades paired with a brown bronze shade, something I wouldn’t really expect in a quint like this. A quint holds 6 g of product and Atlantique goes for 59.60 €.


dior 5 colours Atlantique swatches


Atlantique 344 comes in five colours. I’ll go clockwise ending with the middle shade. First we have a pale iridescent blue shade. The base is quite sheer but this is really all about the sparkling flakes. The flakes are done very fine and they come in different shades such as blue, pink, silver, gold and more. Dominant are the pale blue/silver flakes and this gives it an almost wet/glossy look. This is a perfect topcoat to layer over other eyeshadows and the effect is beautiful. Next we have a baby blue light to medium cool shade. This is a matte. I found the pigmentation very good for a shade like this because pale blues tend to go on rather chalky and have an uneven finish. This is not the case with this colour though. Then we have a medium/dark cool toned blue with a subtle shimmery finish. the pigmentation is again very good for a blue shade like this. Next up is a medium warm bronzed brown with golden shimmer. It applies really well and blends great with other shades. The last shade is a dark inky shimmery blue. It has lighter blue shimmer. The texture was quite soft but the finish is a bit more sheer than the other shades.


dior 5 colours atlantique eye look

dior 5 colours atlantique eye look 2

dior 5 colours atlantique look 2


It was quite easy to work with this palette. The eye shadows apply easily onto the skin and they work nicely together. I did experience a bit of fall-out with the middle shade but nothing too dramatic. The brown shade can be placed at different points, it depends on what you want to go for. I also accidentally discovered that they work really well with a damp brush as a liner. The baby blue is a great one to make the look more vibrant and I love the medium/dark blue shade as well, it’s very good! So if you are looking for a blue-toned palette for this summer you might want to consider this. It’s really good and I love the different finishes as well!


dior 5 colours atlantique look

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