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The famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler is something you can find back in a lot of beauty tool stashes. In fact it was one of the first beauty tools that I bought along with the famous Mac 217 brush back in those days. Before that I tried a couple of other eye lash curlers and while they did they job it was not as good as the beloved Shu Uemura one. Back in those days eyelash curlers weren’t just widely available yet and we only had a few options. There is just something a bout the design and the shape that makes it outstanding. It fits very well with my eye shape and I still use it.

Recently Shu Uemura came out with an interesting new eyelash curler and the way it looks is quite different from the classic ones. The design is specifically made for those with short eye lashes because this design allows you to come very close to the roots of your eye lashes. It’s not as wide as the classic one and this makes it perfect for any eye shape because it has no curve. Also we can see that there are no side bars which makes it a lot easier and accessible. You can see the white silicon pad and the black strip. Both you can remove to clean and the black strip is supposed to be renewed after a while. It comes with an extra strip.


shu uemera s curler details


The reason why I bought this is because my outer corner lashes are incredibly short and hard to reach. I had perfectly curled lashes but the outer lashes did not always cooperate and sometimes they looked odd. Also I was just really curious about the new S Curler and I thought to give this a try.

First of all: there is a learning curve. Or I at least had to become familiar with how it worked. The first few times the curler came too close to my eye. The trick is to really let the white pad rest against your eyelid, that way it’s impossible to accidentally have the curler ending up in your eye. Once you got that part figured out you’re pretty much doing it all right.


shu uemera s curler detail


First of all: I love the way it curls my lashes. It gives a more natural effect than the classic curler. It really finds the shorter lashes and the overall effect is a lot better. I love how it curled my outer lashes, I finally got the look I wanted. There is a but though: curling with the S Curler takes up so much more time. It’s pretty logical because in order to curl your whole eye you need 3 pumps so to speak instead of one or two. Whenever I’m in a rush I just grab my classic eyelash curler because there is just no time. When I have the time though I use the S-Curler.

So is this for everyone? I’d say no, this is really for those who have very short lashes or tricky to get lashes or make-up artists. If you are happy with your current eyelash curler then you’re not missing out. It’s a great option though and it curls the lashes in a beautiful way!

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