guerlain spring 2014


Today I’m showing you the second part of Guerlain Spring 2014. We’ll be seeing an interesting take on the cream blush à la Guerlain and a very pretty nail polish. The Bubble Blush was the first thing that caught my eye when I heard of the Spring collection, and I’m happy to tell you it’s really good! The nail polish didn’t excite me as much but it turned out a lot more versatile than I thought.


guerlain meteorites bubble blush


Let’s take a look at the blush first! I heard something about Guerlain doing their version of a cream blush but this was it turned out very different than I’d expected. Instead of going for the classic cream blush idea, Guerlain opted for a very fun and playful design. It comes in a domed like shape and the packaging is white. The overall look is really cute and surprising. I’m not always a fan of this sort of concept because it can look really cheap but Guerlain did a good job with the colours and the design. I honestly still prefer a classic look but that’s just personal taste. The Meteorites Bubble Blush comes in two shades and they each contain 4 g.


guerlain meteorites bubble blush in cherry


Cherry 02 is a vivid pink cherry shade. It’s very simple but it really works for spring and just any other time of the year. It’s not too pink and I love the tone in this one, it makes it very versatile. Cherry has a satin finish without any shimmer or glitter. The formula is rather excellent to me, it eels creamy and soft to the touch but also very lightweight. The easiest way to use this is just with the fingers. I find it very blendable and it looks very real on the skin. The finish is perfect: not too matte neither too shiny.


guerlain meteorites bubble blush look


A great bonus is the scent of the blush: it smells like violets. The Bubble Blush is a cute addition to your blush collection. It works beautifully on the skin, I think it works on most skin-types. The shade is pretty perfect for me too, it gives a girly flush to the cheeks.


guerlain le vernis star dust


We also have the nail polish. This one is a great combo with the lipgloss that comes in this collection. In my opinion these will work best as layering products but you can also use them on your own.

Star Dust 862 is a shimmery/glittery nail polish. The base is like a sheer milky white loaded with the shimmer. Dominant are the white shimmers together with the blue. We’re also seeing green and pink. Together they look like a very interesting shade. You mostly get to see the blue/white but it depends on the base shade. One layer gives a very pretty ethereal effect but you can add more for a stronger effect. The effect will be lighter because of the milky white base.


guerlain star dust nailswatch

guerlain star dust nail swatch


I layered this over other shades and I love the effect. If you layer it over pastels you get some sugary sweet nails. You can also layer it over neutrals or darker colours. Anything goes! Here I layered it over Mac Saint Germain and Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire. The effect is pretty different but I wanted to show you the versatility of this nail polish. It’s a stunner!


guerlain star dust over mac saint germain


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