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Well would you look at that…a bright pink Clarisonic! As you might have noticed; Clarisonic has recently launched Aria. She is the newest family member of the growing line-up of Mia, Mia 2 and Plus. I’ve been testing this pretty thing out for quite a while now and today you’ll read about my verdict.

The Aria is a nice in-between model of Plus and Mia. My first experience with Clarisonic was the Mia 2 and we immediately hit it off. I was very skeptical at first but it really worked and it became part of my night time cleansing routine. While I really loved my Mia 2 I did miss one thing: a holder. See, the Mia 2 is designed to travel along with you. It comes with a pretty travel case and the device is a lot smaller than the Plus. But it did not have a holder so it kind of helplessly traveled around my bathroom counter. Lonely and confused probably. ‘Where is the mother ship?’


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So now the smart people of Clarisonic came up with Aria. It’s a bit bigger than it’s little sister and the best news: it come with a loading station! I actually really love how they designed that. You have your charger and you have your holder. You can click the charger in the holder so it becomes one and that makes me so happy. But it’s not the only difference. Aria has three settings going from harder to softer. You can also change the time of each zone you want to spend. The Aria works with the same brushes as Plus and Mia and I heard that the Clarisonic came out with a new luxury brush range.

The Aria comes in three colours: white, black and pink. I’m talking about Belgium though, it might be possible that they come in more/different colours in other countries. The Aria goes for 199 euro.


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So how did I like it? Well, apart from the awesome colour I got and the holder I didn’t noticed much difference from the Mia 2 at first. But it’s mostly because I was too lazy to change the settings and kept using it on the standard settings. Then I finally had the courage to play around with the settings and boy oh boy it is beautiful! My favourite part is that you can change set it to a soft setting which is very gentle to the skin. This is perfect for sensitive skin and it feels so soft.  I also like that it’s a bit bigger. It easier to hold, especially if you are a guy. Maybe it’s just me but I felt that the battery lasted so much longer than my Mia 2 which is only a bigger plus!

If I had to pick one from the Clarisonic range it would be Aria because it comes with more settings, a holder, it’s bigger and it comes at a better price than the Plus. If you want to use the body brush, you should go for the Plus.


clarisonic aria


While I’m a big fan of this little wonderful sonic device I do still believe that it’s not for everyone. Some love it and some don’t. Skin is fickle that way. However I do believe that the Aria or the Plus is the better option for people with sensitive skin because you can change the settings. Combine this with the delicate brush head and it makes a big difference!  I personally can’t live without this anymore, it’s so incredibly convenient and easy (read lazy). It cleans like no other and it removes traces of make-up like a real champ (even after cleaning it manually first). Nothing but big big love for this!

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