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This is the last part of the Chanel Spring 2014 reviews and this time we’re talking lips. It was the second thing that grabbed my attention (the blushes were the first thing) as I loved the bright colours. Thank you Chanel for choosing brights instead of the pastels for your Spring collection. It makes it so much better for us medium/darker toned people. I’m showing you three products today and they are pretty much an instant hit!


chanel spring 2014 lips 2

chanel rouge allure melodieuse


I’ll start with my absolute favourite: Melodieuse. It’s the type of shade that I’d buy over and over again and I just can’t help myself. It comes in the Rouge Allure formula that I know and love. Not all Rouge Allure lipsticks are the same in finish and feel; some are a bit more shimmery of pearly. The creamy ones are my personal favourite though.


swatches chanel melodieuse, la diva, sonate

left to right: melodieuse, la diva, sonate

chanel rouge allure melodieuse swatch

chanel quadrille full face


Melodieuse 136 is a medium pinked up coral. It has a shiny creamy finish. In all honesty: this is a coral that is not super unique. You can find it in so many brands. And here comes the shocking part: I don’t really have that many dupes! Anyway, if you are a big fan of this shade and you know you’ll wear this pretty much any time I’d suggest to invest in a good formula lipstick. And that’s pretty much what Melodieuse gives. It’s smooth, hydrating and pigmented. Did I also mention the yummy glossiness of the lipstick? It’s what sets it apart from most dupes I know. Bottom line: if you love this shade, go get it because it’s amazing!


chanel rouge allure velvet la diva


Next we have La Diva and this is the big hit of all the shades. It’s very in right now and it’s absolutely hot! It comes with in the Rouge Allure Velvet finish which makes it very modern. Does it scare you? Don’t worry because it might turn out a lot more wearable than you’d think. La Diva is one of those shades that might look different of everyone.


chanel rouge allure verlevet la diva swatch

chanel spring full face look


La Diva 44 is a bright medium blue toned pink. The finish is something between a matte and a velvet. I found the first layer semi-sheer. It lets your own skin tone peek through which is good if you are more warm-toned. On me the blue pink warms a bit up but it’s still very bright and cool-toned. La Diva is a bit of a diva because she wants a perfect canvas. Chapped lips are a big no-no so you need to hydrate your pucker before you apply La Diva. When I took these pictures I was having the flu and the driest lips ever. As you can see it’s not a good combo. But now they’re healed it’s no problem at all. Big love for La Diva, it’s an unapologetic pink and it’s fun and flirty!


chanel glossimer sonate


Last we have Sonate. This is a Glossimer and it is such a perfect pair with Melodieuse. I don’t have a lot of experience with Glossimers but I find them perfect to layer over lipsticks. They add so much more shine and depth. Glossimers are slightly tacky which helps with the wear-time. I also really love how they feel on the lips. Even when my lips are horribly dry it feels comfortable and hydrating.


chanel glossimer sonate swatch

chanel glossimer sonate full face


Sonate 178 is pretty much the gloss equivalent of Melodieuse. It’s a pink with some coral and it does not contain any shimmer. It has this juicy jelly-like finish. The best part though: it’s quite pigmented! It leaves a good amount of colour on the lips and even for someone who prefers full-on pigment this is great! Like I already said: you can top it over another lip colour to give some shine and a nice hint of pink. And it’s great for both Spring/Sumer. I think I might have found my new favourite lipgloss colour ;).

Stay tuned for even more Chanel!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures and swatches! Love la diva!! xxx

  2. I bought Sonate and love it but I was thinking I would like a lipstick in a similar color. I will try Melodieuse. Any ideas for a lipliner to pair with these? Thanks.

  3. All three look gorgeous on you! My favorite would have to be Sonate, which I almost picked up but hesitated at the last minute. Regrets! I love your hair in all the photos, too;) Hihi.

  4. Mooie producten, kleuren en foto’s! :)

  5. Oh surprise…myou look perfect in every shade! How do you do that? Haha
    Anyway, Melodiesue is surely speaking my name… Such a beautiful shade.

  6. I am eyeing sonate so bad. chanel makes lovely glosses but I do not need more glosses, I am pretty much happy with my small gloss selection but thos shade. I think it is similar to my guerlain gloss, but argh, have to swatch it again. xxx

  7. Such pretty colours, I really need to add a Chanel lipstick to my collection :)
    xxx Claire

  8. melodieuse en sonate zijn helemaal mijn ding :)

  9. Oh La Diva looks so gorgeous on you and all the other but this one also fits your sweater ;-)
    Melodieuse shall be mine, if not for anything else, then for the name.
    Do you also play something? What kind of sheet music are these?

    • Thanks Sara!
      I used to play the piano when I was a kid.
      One of my favourite sonates was from Beethoven: Moonlight Sonate. ^^

  10. I want the La Diva! But not sure if I would love the formulation. Bright pink and matte finish are quite a good match, though.
    I must say everything looks wonderful on you, Teri! :)

  11. OMG, Melodiouse is soooo pretty! Looks awesome on you!

  12. I like Melodieuse the most, but all three look amazing on you! I’ve said this like a billion times but you really have the perfect lips for colorful lip products :-)

  13. Oh I like Sonate a lot on you Teri! I might actually consider that one (or a similar color) with a little bronzer. :)

  14. So pretty! The cool and warm tones look equally beautiful on you — I can’t pick a favorite! :) I picked up Melodieuse yesterday — it is a lot more intense than what I’m used to wearing but wanted to try something new for spring!

  15. You actually pull La Diva off really well! Though I’m not going to pretend I don’t like Melodieuse on you the most :)

  16. This post deserves a much more thoughtful comment but all I can come up with after seeing you in Sonate is “guh, want face. pretty teri face. asndaiuhtnjgkvrwka!” (the ‘w’ is silent)
    Also, please do hair tutorials! *_*

  17. Ik heb La Diva vorige week gekocht en vind het echt ZO’N geweldige kleur.

  18. Prachtige tinten! ♥

  19. ALLE kleuren staan prachtig bij jou!
    En mag ik je nog eens complimenteren met je foto’s? Ongelofelijk mooi!

  20. I love Sonate on you, Teri. It brightens your complexion, giving you a naturally rosy and moisturized looking lips :-)

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