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Today I will start with the first review of Chanel Spring 2014 and I thought it would be nice to start with Quadrille. Chanel has made my favourite spring collection by far simply because it’s it’s a bit different from the pastel/sweet colours we’ve been seeing. Instead we’re seeing brighter shades with still that Spring-feeling but so much more accessible to a wider variety of skin tones. Quadrille was one with many surprises for me and you’ll see why today.


chanel quadrille 2


First of all: Quadrille comes in the same version as the US version. Normally we (the rest of the world) get the baked variation of the quads but this time we get the same formula. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out because I was quite curious how these much talked US versions actually performed. It’s nice to have different options. Chanel will be releasing three new baked eye shadow quads soon with a reformulated formula that will be smoother and better pigmented but in the meantime let’s swoon over Quadrille. This palette holds 6.8g of product and goes for 50 euro.

So apart from the different texture they also get a different look. We’re seeing squares instead of the round eye shadows. Quadrille looks fairly neutral with a pop of coral. A pop of coral you say? No worries there because it blends beautifully into the other shades. In fact the coral warms up the palette a bit more and makes it an interesting/more versatile palette. 


chanel quadrille detail

chanel quadrille swatches


Quadrille 537 contains four neutral shades and they look quite wearable at first sight. Three of them have a shimmery finish and one is rather matte. I’ll go from left to right per row. First we have a warm medium brown with gorgeous silver shimmer. The finish is rather satin with subtle shimmer. I love how it the cool contrasts with the warm. It makes it a different brown. This is nicely pigmented and soft. It blends very well into the skin. The second shade is a light warm golden shade. This is perfect as a highlighter shade. It has a shimmery finish and was the softest shadow out of four. I only needed a tiny bit to achieve a nice highlighted glow. Next up is the medium warm coral. It is semi-sheer in finish and contains fine silver shimmer. The last shade is a dark plum brown with a matte/satin finish. The pigmentation is top notch and although it felt a bit drier than the others it did a perfect job.


chanel quadrille eye look 2

chanel quadrille eye look


Do I love this quad? Yes! I love it a lot! It’s exactly what I expected to be, the colours are smooth and are amazing on the skin. You can sheer it out or build it up, just like that. I was quite surprised at how purple the end result looked on me, but I love it even more because of that. The coral shade is actually the best addition to this palette. It warms up the whole look and it’s not too pigmented to the point you might look like you have a sore eye. I’ve been Loving Tom Ford’s Orchid Haze to bits lately but it looks like it got some serious competition.


chanel quadrille full face 2


If you like a neutral palette with a fun twist then this is for you. If you always wondered how the Chanel US versions perform then you might want to give this a try. Chanel has been getting a lot of love from me lately and I’m pretty sure they’ll keep on impressing us!


chanel quadrille full face

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