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I quickly wanted to share this limited edition bottle designed by designer L’Wren Scott. I think those who love Caudalie must know their famous Eau De Beauté since it’s one of their best-selling products. Lots of celebrities love it and claim it’s the success of their beautiful skin.

And here I am with quite a collection of Caudalie products but with a confession: I haven’t tried this little gem yet! But that’s going to change very soon ;).

Now this little bottle comes with a little story. The lovely PR here had send it to me. But somehow the courier got confused and dropped it at my neighbour’s house. Much to her surprise she found a little black bag when she came home. She opened it and what did she see? A beautiful bottle and a box full of chocolates! ‘Oh my, I have a secret admirer!, who can this be?’ she asked while she was munching on the chocolates. She was clearly delighted by such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. It was when her daughter saw my address written on the back of the bag that everything became clear.

I guess the the story here is that a lot of women will be really happy with this gorgeous bottle. And a box of chocolate never hurts anyone, right? My mom was already eyeing the rest of the chocolates, so it’s pretty much clear that the strategy was a huge success.


caudalie eau de beaute livren scott


Those who are unfamiliar with L’Wren Scott: she is a designer to her own label. She used to model and work as a stylist and having her own label was the next step. Being a very loyal fan of the Caudalie Eau De Beauté she eventually had the chance to meet up with Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie. They decided to collaborate and they came up with this elegant design for the little famous bottle. They made 50.000 bottles of this limited edition.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the Eau De Beauté, it’s best described as part toner and part elixir. It comes in a spray which you can use any time you want. It feels refreshing and soothing at the same time. Did I also mention the divine scent of grapes? The bottle comes in 2 sizes: 30 ml (10 euro)and 100 ml (29 euro).

It’s a great gift for Christmas but I repeat: do not forget to add the box of chocolates for optimal impact!


caudalie eau de beaute livren scott 3

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