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Guys! I think I finally found THE combination that works on me. You know that feeling? After looking and tweaking, swapping, experimenting with facial products for what feels like ages you finally find that powerful combination that works! So today I’m sharing mine. It’s obvious that we all have different skin and this might not be ‘it’ for you but hey, you never know!

First a little bit about my skin: I have oily/combination skin. I sometimes have drier patches on my nose (mostly during the winter). My T-zone tends to get oily after 4 to 5 hours with most foundations. Especially my forehead can be a bit challenging. I don’t really have a problem with acne though (I do have the occasional break-out). I’m not big on foundations to be honest. They don’t really work for me because they look bad after the 5-hour mark. I mostly go for tinted moisturiser or bb cream. The only foundation that I do like is the Armani Maestro foundation but this requires perfect non-flaky skin which is tricky during winter time for me.


clinique estee lauder


So I tried the famous Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 2.0.  I actually bought it almost a year ago! For some reason it wasn’t love at first sight. I don’t like the scent, it has that really typical sunscreen scent. The foundation is pretty matte and it has quite some coverage. I’m the type that prefers lighter textures with a sheer finish so this was pretty pigmented to me. The biggest problem however is how it photographs. I can’t really explain you how but it photographs very weird. I think it gives my skin some kind of green tinge. Is this even possible or does it make sense? I tested it a couple of times and it really gives something weird. It might be the sunscreen, I have no idea! But that was the reason why I did not fall in love with it right away.

So we’re forwarding half a year later and I rediscovered this in my pile of make-up. It was summer by then and we had a bit of a heatwave (Belgian style, guys!). And boy was I impressed! Normally most of the products slide off right away but this baby went nowhere! And the finish was still matte when I took my make-up off! I realised this stuff was gold and I’ve been wearing nothing else since that day.


detail estee lauder clinique


Now let’s add something else in the mix! I’m not a big believer in primers either, maybe because I haven’t found anything convincing. Most primers I have are great in smoothing out the skin but they don’t really do anything in prolonging the wear time of my foundation. Clinique recently brought out a new range of primers. Some have a colour correcting ability but we also have a universal one. The texture is pretty different from my other primers. Most have that thick silicon-like feel and texture but this one is actually very thin and fluid but not runny. What I love is the feel. Some primers feel like a thick paste being rubbed into the skin but this is so lightweight and invisible. It doesn’t do much for smoothing out fine lines, this is really for prolonging the weartime imo. You can see that the fluid is white but it’s transparant on the skin.


swatches estee lauder double wear light clinique universal primer


So combine these two power ladies and we have a big winning situation here! They work beautifully together and it lasts a whole day on the skin. You have no idea how ‘safe’ I feel when I’m wearing these. I don’t have to worry about becoming shiny and I don’t need to worry about checking my face every three hours. If you love a matte finish and you have oily/combination skin like me, consider these! The only downside is that the foundation seems to be horrible in photographs but hey, I’m not a celebrity and I loathe selfies, hah!


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  1. Niiiice!!! This I’ll surely consider for next summer. At the moment my skin is more normal due to the colder weather but in Summer it’s a different affair! So glad you found what works for you! :)

  2. I feel the same way about foundations myself, but I have been having horrible acne last few years and I can’t go out without foundation to cover some of them. Hopefully, it will go away soon. I have been eyeing those clinique primers and double wear foundations for a while, I might try at the least foundations. Thanks for the review.

  3. I’ve tried a sample of the EL Double Wear Light too and I thought the same thing: it was too pigmented. I was surprised and remember thinking that if that was the light version, I wonder how much coverage the normal version offers! :P I kinda want to retry it now though. Like you, I often find that the first few times I try a foundation/base product, I sometimes won’t like it but then if I wait awhile to retry it, I love it for some reason. LOL! Also really want to try that Clinique primer. I love primers with a light, lotiony consistency like that!

  4. I recently went to an EL photo/makeover event, and that was the foundation that they used on me. Unfortunately, the MUA didn’t use a primer (I guess because there’s a little dimethicone in the foundation) and I think I could’ve used a little more. But I loved the EL Doublewear light. For me, it was medium coverage, still needed a bit of concealer here and there, but boy was it long lasting. Glad you found your perfect combo

  5. yay~!
    i know exactly what you’re saying. i’ve recently found a nice combo if not holy gray status. funny thing is that they are just so so by themselves. this actually made me think about human relationship as well. ;)

  6. I never tried the light version of the EL Double Wear foundation, but the original version immediately impressed me with its insane coverage. But of course that also meant looking a little less natural… Sounds like these two together might be the perfect alternative!

  7. I LOVE Estee Lauder products! Especcialy the Double wear line. I use the Double wear maximum cover foundation because I have a lot to cover up. And it stays in place almost the whole day! I want to try this one also, how is the coverage, medium?

  8. Ziet er goed uit zeg!

  9. Wheee HG combo! I have both but I haven’t tried them together yet! I do think the looking bad in photos thing is a bit of a major downside tho. A lot of the time I put on makeup to do photos for the blog, and I have to keep looking away from Double Wear Light because it really doesn’t photograph well for some very strange reason!

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