We finally moved house!

Hi my lovelies! Today is a short and sweet personal post. You may have noticed that it suddenly went all silent on my part here. Most people took a right guess though, it’s because I was moving house. And it’s not just moving to any new place but to a place that I can call my very own since it’s my first very own house. The move was one of giant proportions. The amount of stuff that you tend to hamster over the course of eight years is a bit insane. Add 7 cats that need to be moved to the new place as well and we got some chaotic fun times. But we did it!

We bought an older cute house with the idea of renovating it. I don’t know about you but I do think that renewing an old home and giving it new love has a certain charm. I love how to see how the place gets turned around and adding your own touch to it. But I also have to say that this is a one-time-only experience because it’s not an easy situation you’re putting yourself into.



 the bedroom situation

So we put down a lot of walls, build new ones and so on. Here you can see how the bedroom looked like and basically the whole house. All the walls are pretty much naked and need to dry out for a good while. And the plan about having the bathroom ready in September failed badly. We’re almost November and the bathroom isn’t even close to being halfway done. You get used to it though. Building or re-building a house is a bit of an adventure. Strict dead-lines? Forget about that because it will frustrate you. Flexibility and lots of patience is the key here, something I don’t really have but I guess it’s a good life lesson here.




But it’s not all bad here. We’re living between the trees and a huge forest. It’s amazing to see how nature transforms every season, I really missed that when living in the city. I’m exploring the world of gardening and it’s quite interesting and beautiful for sure. We are having the most gorgeous roses ever, they keep on growing and growing and the scent is simply divine.


lipstick drawer

 my favourite drawer! Take a guess why :p

As for my blog stuff; I’ve been slowly unpacking my materials. The room I use will hopefully be free next week. When everything is halfway done I might do a post about that too. I’ve been buying new drawers and let me tell you that I’m in love with the lipstick part, hah! I also did a huge haul on the Rouge Bunny Rouge webshop. I’m pretty sure you can say that I’m a big fan of the brand!


rouge bunny rouge haul


I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll be back, life is hectic for sure. But I’m missing everything about blogging and it frustrates me how little time I have lately. I will try to move earth and space to post in a more regular fashion. We’ll talk soon!




DB felt at home since the first second!

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  1. Wah! Look at the kitty! And the pretty rose! And THAT lippie drawer! Wait, did you say 7 cats? Moar kitties! :D

    Congratulations on the move and all that hard work! :) Best of luck to the new projects!

  2. Proficiat met jullie huisje en verhuis!! Geniet ervan het een thuis te maken, en jaaaa ook benieuwd naar meer house-posts ;)

  3. Your house sounds like a dream. It is all hard work now, but you’ll find very rewarding. If you haven’t already, check out my favorite house renovation blog. She gets things done with humor and entertain us all:

    • Thanks Lena, it will be sooo great when it’s all done idd!
      Thanks a lot for the rec btw, love to read up on some more blogs about house renovations, they are so useful!

  4. Verhuizen is zeker erg tijdsrovend en wauw er staat dus nog een heleboel te gebeuren. Het is wel veel makkelijker dan je eigen huis bouwen, vaak duurt dat toch erg lang (in België). Katten gaan altijd voor de dozen =]!

  5. Leuk die lage ramen in de slaapkamer!

  6. Hi Teri,

    I hope you’re having a great move! A home near a natural forested area sounds wonderful and it looks like the kitties are enjoying themselves :)

    • Hey Dovey :).
      The move wasn’t a smooth one but we did it!
      The new area is a dream, we’re loving to take long walks around here, it’s that amazing!

  7. Leuke blog heb je ! En ik denk dat iedereen wel begrijpt dat je geen twee dingen te gelijk kan doen ;-) een dak boven je hoofd hebben gaat voor! Het lijkt me een mooi huis en ik ben ontzettend jaloers op jouw lipsticks ! x Jana

    • Dank je Jana, super om te horen ^^. Het gaat super worden, maar de weg ernaartoe is toch wel een lange weg te gaan, hehe ;).
      Lipsticks zijn veruit mijn favoriete make-up item en ik heb de neiging om er veel te veel van te kopen, haha! ^^

  8. Nice to hear an update! You’re going to have a beautiful home when it’s all done, so good luck with the rest of the work!
    Please cuddles those kitties for me :-

    • Thanks a lot <3. We’re ‘almost’ done with the first phase, but it seems to drag on these days, gah!
      I’ll definitely cuddle the kitties for you! ^^

  9. Veel succes met de verbouwingen en het verhuizen!
    Volgend jaar is het mijn beurt. Gelukkig enkel het verhuizen en niet het verbouwen, al zal ik daar ongetwijfeld ook m’n handen mee vol hebben :) Deze winter begin ik alvast met het ‘declutteren’ van mijn kleerkast en andere rommel

    • Dank je Sofie! Verhuizen is idd toh wel een heel project op zich, zeker als je jaren op dezelfde plek hebt gewoond. Wat een mens toch allemaal bijhoudt, he ;). Veel succes ermee!

  10. Ooh that lippie drawer! Lots of luck with the new place. It’s a lot of work I can imagine, but how very exciting! Did you say 7 cats?? Looking forward to the RBR posts :-)

    • Thanks a lot Taylor :). Yeah, it’s pretty crazy but we do have 7 cats >.<. It’s lot of furry love and a lot of work, lol!

  11. veel succes met de verbouwingen :)

  12. Proficiat met je eerste eigen huis. Looks lovely!

  13. Your kitties are SO cute!!! Two of mine love boxes, too, lol. I hope you’re back soon. I know how hard moving can be. Renovating on top of moving must be even harder. Just think of how nice your place will be when it’s all done. And remember we miss you, too <3!

    • Oh well, cats and boxes are kind of a no-brainer, lol!
      And yeah, renovating or building a house is so much stress! You have to work with so many ppl, gaaah!
      I’m going to unpack some more stuff tomorrow, hope I’ll be back for good ^^.

  14. That lipstick drawer!!!!! So cool!
    Congrats on the house Teri! What you are doing is so worth it and much more important! Can hardly wait to see the results!

  15. Welcome back! I’ve been looking forward to new posts from you, so this was a nice surprise!
    My mom and I are currently living in a house that we’re renovating as well, so I can relate to your story. Forget about deadlines indeed :-) Succes met de rest (en hopelijk vind je de tijd om tussendoor toch nog een blogpostje of twee te maken)!

    • Thanks a lot Sarah,
      Glad to meet someone who can relate :).
      Not everyone fully understands how it is, how chaotic it can be, hehe.
      It’s going to be so worth it tho!
      Good luck on your part as well!

  16. Oh the frustrations but oh the excitment! Glad to see you’re at least enjoying the new environment. Nature can be so magical! Erm, about DB, is he always that picture perfect adorable? :)

    • Nature is pretty much awesome! Boy, I missed that so much :).
      Adn yeah DB is such a joy to photograph because he is too lazy to move, lol!

  17. Ik ben zo blij voor je, Teri! Het ziet er zo leuk uit. Kom snel terug hé!

  18. Ooh leuk zeg ! Vind zo’n renovatieproject ook wel heel leuk !

  19. Heel mooie foto’s!

  20. Oh holy moly, look at that drawer! :-D Best part of your whole house, lol. I can see now what has been keeping you so busy, phew. Just keep in mind what it will all be like once it’s all finished, you will feel on top of the world! :-)

    • Lol! Yeah, it’s pretty amazing :p.
      And yes, it will be soooo rewarding when we finally finish this darn house :p!

  21. Great to see this post! I am so interested in your makeup storage and photography room.. Waiting impatiently for that post :)

    Welcome back!

    • Thanks Isabelle!
      I’m definitely going to do a post beause I’m a curious nancy myself when it comes to that ^^.
      It’s not super fancy or anything but it works! :)

  22. Fijn, weer post. Heb ik gemist. Mooie foto’s. En het is waar, Jullie wonen prachtig! Een waar paradijsje.

  23. OH. EM. GEE the kitties! DB looks so at ease! From this angle he really looks like his British shorthair half ;)

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