We finally moved house!

Hi my lovelies! Today is a short and sweet personal post. You may have noticed that it suddenly went all silent on my part here. Most people took a right guess though, it’s because I was moving house. And it’s not just moving to any new place but to a place that I can call my very own since it’s my first very own house. The move was one of giant proportions. The amount of stuff that you tend to hamster over the course of eight years is a bit insane. Add 7 cats that need to be moved to the new place as well and we got some chaotic fun times. But we did it!

We bought an older cute house with the idea of renovating it. I don’t know about you but I do think that renewing an old home and giving it new love has a certain charm. I love how to see how the place gets turned around and adding your own touch to it. But I also have to say that this is a one-time-only experience because it’s not an easy situation you’re putting yourself into.



 the bedroom situation

So we put down a lot of walls, build new ones and so on. Here you can see how the bedroom looked like and basically the whole house. All the walls are pretty much naked and need to dry out for a good while. And the plan about having the bathroom ready in September failed badly. We’re almost November and the bathroom isn’t even close to being halfway done. You get used to it though. Building or re-building a house is a bit of an adventure. Strict dead-lines? Forget about that because it will frustrate you. Flexibility and lots of patience is the key here, something I don’t really have but I guess it’s a good life lesson here.




But it’s not all bad here. We’re living between the trees and a huge forest. It’s amazing to see how nature transforms every season, I really missed that when living in the city. I’m exploring the world of gardening and it’s quite interesting and beautiful for sure. We are having the most gorgeous roses ever, they keep on growing and growing and the scent is simply divine.


lipstick drawer

 my favourite drawer! Take a guess why :p

As for my blog stuff; I’ve been slowly unpacking my materials. The room I use will hopefully be free next week. When everything is halfway done I might do a post about that too. I’ve been buying new drawers and let me tell you that I’m in love with the lipstick part, hah! I also did a huge haul on the Rouge Bunny Rouge webshop. I’m pretty sure you can say that I’m a big fan of the brand!


rouge bunny rouge haul


I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll be back, life is hectic for sure. But I’m missing everything about blogging and it frustrates me how little time I have lately. I will try to move earth and space to post in a more regular fashion. We’ll talk soon!




DB felt at home since the first second!

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