Chanel Le Vernis in Alchimie 591


chanel le vernis in alchimie


When it comes to the fall-esque collection this year, I think Chanel wins this one. We see all kinds of greens and browns and it reminds me of the colours we see here when the trees are losing their leaves. I’m not too much of a fan of fall itself, it’s saying goodbye to summer and I really do love my summers. What I do love are the fall collections because they are often a bit more darker and they contain gorgeous browns and greens and neutrals. When I heard that Chanel was coming out with a golden khaki nail polish I knew I was going to be all over it. And I did and it did not disappoint!


chanel le vernis alchimie

chanel le vernis in alchimie detail


So we all know the deal with Chanel nail polishes. They come in a big 13 ml bottle and they go for 23 euro. Not bad at all if you ask me because you get a good amount of product and Chanel releases very pretty shades. The formula also really works on me, the wear time is great, the metallic shades do tend to chip a bit faster than the creamy shades but it’s still good. I do wished that Chanel would change their nail polish brushes, but that’s a personal preference. I find those wide flat brushes so incredibly easy, don’t you? Or am I just a bit of a hopeless one here? Anyway, let’s talk about Alchimie already!


chanel le vernis alchimie


Alchimie 591 is a golden kakhi. The colour is medium and it has a warm tone. Alchimie has a metallic finish. For me this is a very straight forward shade. It’s exactly what I wanted to be and Chanel did a perfect job on this one. The formula is great as usual. I honestly never had a nail polish from Chanel that was too thick or too thin. Now about that metallic finish. I’m not always a fan of metallic finishes because sometimes they go horribly wrong and we get those unflattering stripes on our nails. This is not the case with Alchimie (in my opinion). You do see some very fine stripes but nothing too stripey. The metallic effect gives a glowing finish to Alchimie, something that makes it even prettier!


chanel le vernis alchimie detail

chanel le vernis in alchimie


Overall Alchimie is something that you really need if you love greens on your nails. It’s the perfect colour for fall and even other times. The golden touch is something that I adore in Alchimie and well, you can clearly hear that I’m loving this shade! I will soon show you more of the lovely Superstition collection, just bear with me!

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