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I’m sure we’re all familiar with the very cute Marc Jacob fragrance bottles. We have Daisy, Lola, Dot and the newest addition: Honey! It looks like her sister Dot but with yellow/black/white accents. The bottle sure is super cute and pretty, it has that grown-up factor with its bold/graphic but sophisticated design and it breathes fun!


marc jacobs honey fall 2013


this is a sample, not the real bottle

Now what about the scent? Is this just another sweet cute scent that you find in a lot of other fragrances? A lot of scents tend to smell very generic and I sometimes get very disappointed when I catch a whiff of the newest releases. Not with this one though. With a name like Honey you do expect a sweeter/softer factor but it is not as predictable as you might think. Honey opens with very soft notes of honey and soft vanilla with a dash of orange blossom. As it settles down you’ll get the stronger notes of fruit punch and pear. A bit later you’ll get the mandarins kicking in taking this whole fragrance to a slightly sharper level (in a good way!). Throughout the whole wear time you can clearly smell the soothing honey scent along with the pear. It adds softness and warmth in a very comforting way. The woody notes keep the whole scent grounded so it has this sophisticated/grown-up feel to it.




Although the image of this scent might appeal to a more younger crowd, do not mistake this another scent for just only for the younger public. It has more to it than just a warm fruity scent, it develops from warm and fruity to green and fresh to something very comforting. When I smell this scent it takes me back to a safe place somehow. I just close my eyes and imagine golden fields of tall grass, fruit gardens and late summer nights. It is an interesting choice to release this for fall because this can be perfect for summer as well. Never overpowering but always there, in a very soothing way. Great for anyone that is looking for something different to wear this fall!


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  1. Het flesje is opnieuw heel tof, maar de sample ziet er meer high-end uit en is ook heel mooi! Ik ben op zoek naar een sterke geur die echt lang blijft. Je weet wel zo’n geur die je meteen ruikt, wanneer je bij iemand in de buurt komt. Kan je me misschien iets aanbevelen?


  2. Deze staat ZO hard op mijn wishlist. Love zowat alle geuren van Marc Jacobs :-).

    • Je hebt gelijk! Ik wil heel graag Daisy bij de collectie toevoegen ^^. Maar Honey is ook echt wel de moeite :).

  3. Ik moet deze proberen, heb er zoveel goeie dingen over gehoord :)
    Leuke blog! xx

  4. I need to get out more! I’ve never sampled any MJ fragrances and I’m not sure this one would be for me but surely one of the others. Then again, maybe I will like Honey, who knows? You make it sound so lovely. :)

    • Yeah, you never know for sure! I have found that I’m really changing in the preferences of fragrances lately. It’s like a whole new world opening for me, lol! ^^

  5. That. Bottle. So cute!!

    From the description, I’d definitely like this perfume! I love florals and fruity scents. Glad to know it isn’t a sickenly fake sweet scent! :D With that added warm honey, I can definitely picture it as a Fall or a fresher Winter scent!

    • Yeah, I think tjey did a great job! It’s definitely not too young either, something that I tend to dislike because they often smell a bit too sweet.

  6. Packaging looks super pretty <3

  7. Die flesjes van Marc Jacobs zien er altijd zo mooi uit! Daisy staat al een tijdje op mijn wishlist… :)

  8. Het lijkt me inderdaad een geweldig zomergeurtje, zoet en bloemig.

  9. Die flesjes zijn altijd supercute :D

    • Ik vind het zo leuk dat ze er meerdere versies van uitbrengen, zie Daisy, die komt in zo’n leuke kleuren ^^.

  10. Too bad the sample isn’t a mini version of the real bottle, that would have been cute :-) Next time I visit the perfume shop I am definitely going to give this one a sniff.

  11. I have actually never sniffed any of the MJ scents! I do like the bottle though. It’s just not going to be the easiest thing to travel with ;)

  12. nu heb je me wel benieuwd gemaakt :)

  13. Lijkt me een lekkere geur :3

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