mac mineralize eyeshadow in caribbean


This review is a bit past due but I’ll be honest: I stalled it because this one is a bit of a challenge. When I received the sample of Caribbean I was scared. What do I do with this pink glittery eyeshadow? Don’t get me wrong here, I am very grateful for all the samples I get but some are more challenging than others. So how do I make this work? I naturally stay away from shades like this, so this felt a bit adventurous for me. Here we go!


mac mineralize eyeshadow in caribbean 2


Mac Mineralize eyeshadows have a permanent line-up in the range but Caribbean is a limited edition eyeshadow from the Tropical Taboo collection. It’s all about mineralized products. The mineralize eyeshadows carry 1.8 g and goes for 21 euro. I must admit that these are on the pricier side. Some of the Mac mineralize products have the tendency to fade away after some hours, but some are really nice. The mineralize eyeshadows are a lot bigger than the regular mac eyeshadows.


mac mineralize eyeshadow caribbean swatches


Caribbean is a glittery medium pink with darker pink/red veining. The glitters are more like flecks and they range from cool pink to coppery red to silver and maybe even some pale blue. They add a lot of dimension to the shade. Depending on the amount of colour you pick up you might get a cool pink or rather a darker red. The glitters are definitely there, they are the star of this show. The pigmentation varies because you can use this wet or dry. When used wet you get a more sheer wash of colour with the glitters more apparent. When used wet the base colour and the glitters are more unified and give a more metallic finish with more pigment. The eyeshadow itself has a slightly crumbly formula, especially when used dry.


mac cariibbean eyeshadow look


I know that this sounds a bit troublesome but let me tell you how you can use these eyeshadows the best. Caribbean is really mostly about the glitters, they are pretty dominant in the formula. So if you buy these, please consider this first. If you want some serious pretty sparkles to glam up your eye look this is absolutely for you. Second thing is: use an eyeshadow primer or base. Something that helps with keeping the colour vibrant. Mineralised eyeshadows tend to fade but a primer or base really help. Third thing is: I strongly recommend you to use these wet. They adhere better to the skin, you have a lot less fall-out and you get a more intense finish.


mac caribbean eyeshadow look 2

mac caribbean eyeshadow look


Using Caribbean was not as tricky as I thought it would be. Sure, it might scare you at first but if you give this a chance you’ll see that it has beauty within. The sparkly glitter is really well done, it’s not just basic glitter. They are more like very thin flecks of colour.  If you are around my skintone this might be a way to wear Caribbean: use this in combination with a rather satin or matte dark eyeshadow. Caribbean is excellent as a highlight on the middle of the eye. Use a dark brown or even a plum/purple eyeshadow. You can also use some golden highlights and an orange copper shade is great as a transition between the dark shade and Caribbean.  The result is slightly smoky eye. You’ll get an interesting look for sure!

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  1. I’ve not been interested with MAC in general but I’m beginning to change that fact (hehe) so I’m eyeing lots of MAC stuff lately. I got curious with this Mineralize eyeshadow cos its pink and thought I’d like to see how it swatches and the color swatch is exactly like the Guilty duo eyeshadow (not mineral) by Dolce and Gabbana I was wearing yesterday! And I thought I’ve got an excuse to get a new eyeshadow! This looks pretty though. Thanks for the gorgeous review/look featuring Caribbean!

    • O h yeah, I feel ya ^^! I think it’s a love/hate thing, no? But well, considering the amount of limited editions they push out it might be good that we are not tempted by every LE, otherwise we’d be soo broke, lol!

  2. You definitely made it work! I’m not a big fan of this formula but it looks really beautiful in those swatches!

  3. One word: Waaauww (ok, of misschien twee worden: WANT!!!)

  4. It’s so shiny, very pretty! Like how you made it a middle colour instead of using it on the whole eye.

  5. This would not work on me, way too pink for my green eyes but on you! Beautiful!

    • I agree with you.
      A little pink for colored eyes but it can work for brown & black ones. I would keep this for formal events.


  6. I think it looks amazing on you!

  7. That’s very pink. But you wear it well! I don’t think I have ever worn pure pink on my eyes like this.

  8. Teri, how on EARTH do you even make pink eyeshadow look so damn good?!! :P You are even making me kinda want this, and I do not wear pink shadow! lol

    Btw, I hope all is well–I miss talking to you!!! :*(

    • Haha, thanks dear! I had to think this one a bit through. But we all love a challenge, right? ^^
      Everything is well, just really busy to catch a very important deadline! I’ll be more active soon (well, I hope so).

  9. Wow, this is SO pink when used wet! Definitely looks like it’s got better texture too!

    • It really does. Whenever you can use something wet, just go ahead and do it already :p. It’s just so much better and it will stay longer on too!

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