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While I really love the vibrant colours of summer, fall will always be one of my favourite seasons when it comes to collections. Most brands go back to the earthy/neutral tones, and you know how I feel about those.This fall has been really exciting so far and today I’m giving you a little peek of what’s coming up on Bellachique soon! I’m still wrapping up on some summer reviews and I’m not willing to say goodbye to summer just yet. However, the fall collections are slowly coming here in this little country, so let’s take a look!

Chanel Superstition  is going very earthy this fall, we are seeing a lot of khaki and browns. I fell in love when I saw the products, this really is a perfect collection for the season. We see some pops of colours like Elixir, the lipsticks and the blushes. I think we are all very excited about those cream blushes, aren’t we? I am absolutely loving the vibrant colours as well, they did an excellent choice with the shade selection.

Dior Mystic Metallics might be my favourite of all. It’s quite a big collection because they are launching their new blush line. I do think that both quints are my favourite. Bonne-Etoile is very fall- appropriate, it contains earthy tones with a hint of green.  Constellation is all about glamour with its purple hues. Something worth looking at is the cream eyeshadows, they look very much like the Chanel ones (review up soon!) but at a better price.

YSL goes for quite a bold eye palette in their collection for this fall. They are going for neutral shades but with bright pops of colour like the lipsticks and the eyeshadows. It’s daring and very sexy if you ask me! The collection is quite versatile because you can go different ways. Go vampy with the plummy lipstick Prune Avenue and Sepia Art nail polish. Go more neutral with their Classy palette and the Beige Gallery nail polish. Or go bold with Arty palette and Rouge Neon. Something for everyone!

Guerlain goes for something different with Voilette de Madame. We all love Guerlain for that, no? This collection is all about romance and a classic twist on their products. Something that you really should try are the Rouge G’s. If you love your reds and pinks you will love this. The Madame Rougit is a stunner in this collection, fans of Guerlain will love this. Guerlain is also releasing a line of duo eyeshadows, great for anyone who loves pigmented eyeshadows with a bit of sparkle. They are very promising!


fall 2013 collections 2


Pieces of these collections will be coming up, there will be more soon. These are my favourite collections so far, although I’m really curious about Giorgio Armani as well.

So tell me, what are your favourites so far? Maybe something completely different, I would love to hear about them!


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  1. Beautiful! The colors in Mystere are just ugh so good. Can’t wait to see your reviews :)

  2. I really wanna check out Guerlain’s Rouge G in this collection.

  3. I am trying so hard to ignore the Fall collections and failing miserably. Being in Canada everything launches later here, but I KNOW I want the new Dior cream shadows, the new NARS cream shadows (Seriously can not WAIT for these) among many other items. Sigh…… My wallet is already crying in protest.

    • Gah, the new Nars cream eyeshadows really piked my interest too! I will review the Dior one shortly, but I think they are really nice, lol! We’ll be both so broke soon, hehehe ;).

  4. I’ve been so well behaved but your photographs have made me tempted about everything! I’m actually eyeing that Guerlain duo with a mind to use the coral shade as a blush. Have you seen Tom Ford Fall? I’m in love!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Lol, yeah, reading blogs does that to us, right?
      And no, we don’t get Tom Ford cosmetics here *cries* so not seen it myself.
      I’ve been loving the eye palettes so much!

  5. I won’t have a chance to go actually swatch at makeup counters for some time…but I am definitely most excited for Dior and Guerlain! :D

  6. Oh I would have loved to swatch that Guerlain duo (they didn’t have a tester boo). I’m not sure about that YSL quad, I would have loved to see that one in the spring acutally. Fall, true collections are more interesting but it’s what comes before Winter and that, I don’t want to think about! :)

    • The Guerlain duos need to launch here in September, can’t wait to see it all in person. The YSL palette is really daring, but I love that about them ^^.

  7. Zien er allemaal zo’n mooie make upjes uit! Mijn oog viel toch meteen op die prachtige Guerlain blush! :-)

    • Ja, het is echt wel een pareltje hé ^^. Ik vind het altijd super erg om het de eerste keer te gebruiken, lol!

  8. Het zien er allemaal wel mooie producten uit :)

  9. Everthang is just soo prettah! :D

  10. All this prettiness together, it is just too much to handle! :-) I really like all the fall collection that I have seen so far.

  11. OOO that Chanel liner! I’d love to swatch it and see how different it is from my existing collection! I heard the texture is nice and smooth :)

  12. moeilijk om te kiezen :)

  13. oeh die guerlain blush!

  14. great make up stuff

  15. Thanks for the nice overview!

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