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And here we finally have part two of the Rouge Alluire Moiré collection. If you are a big fan of lipsticks, you probably adore this one! You can read more about the collection in part one. Today is all about the pink pout! And not the light pink lipshades. No, today we are looking at shades of raspberry in the most delicious way.


chanel rouge allure in impulsive and audacieuse

left to right: audacieuse, impulsive

I already told you about the Rouge Allure lipsticks. They come in a neat black case with a nice click-system. All the Rouge Allure lipsticks in this collection comes with a pearl finish. In the permanent line you also have ones without a pearl and I find those slightly more creamy.  A lipstick contains 3.5g and goes for 32 euro. The lipsticks have a faint scent of roses. The two shades reviewed today are both limited edition.


chanel rouge allure swatches impulsive, audacieuse, reflexion

left to right: impulsive, audacieuse, reflexion

Impulsive is a medium warm raspberry pink. It has a pretty warm coloured pearl. When I swatched Impulsive I could note the slight sheer quality of the lipstick. It’s one of those lipsticks that look darker in the bullet than on the skin. On the lips it looks slightly darker but it’s definitely more like a light-medium shade. The texture of Impulsive is very light and creamy and it applies really well. The pearl is more subtle here, but it does add more dimension to the lips.


chanel rouge allure impulsive lipswatch


chanel rouge allure impulsive full face


Audacieuse is a medium red raspberry shade. It leans rather neutral. It also has that pearl, but it’s a bit stronger than in Impulsive. The big difference is the opacity of the shade. Audacieuse is opaque on the lips and looks like a berry red on the lips. The formula is a bit smoother too. The pearl is amazing in here. It adds so much depth and luminosity. Audacieuse is not a full-on red but because of the pink it brightens up the complexion. Your teeth will also look whiter (bonus points!).


chanel rouge allure audacieuse lipswatch

chanel rouge allure audacieuse full face


Both lipcolours look somewhat similar to each other in the tube but they are definitely different. You probably don’t need both but they are two really great berry pinks. I would recommend Impulsive for anyone looking for something in between. Not too bold but something in the middle. Audacieuse is a great shade for anyone who is looking for something bold and brightening.


chanel rouge allure extrait de gloss reflexion


Next up is the Rouge Allure Extrait Gloss. I already tried one before and was really happy with the formula. I’m not a lipgloss person but this formula wins my heart. A Rouge Allure Extrait Gloss comes in a pretty slick black tube. The minor downside of this is that you can’t see what colour this contains. You can only see this by the sticker on the end. These lipglosses also have that faint scent of roses.  A lipgloss contains 8 g and goes for 32 euro.


chanel rouge allure extrait de gloss reflexion lipswatch


Reflexion is a warm medium pink shade. It’s also infused with a pearl. The pigmentation of Reflexion is semi-opaque. It actually is pretty pigmented for a lipgloss and that’s what I like about the Extrait Glosses. The formula is thick without being gloopy. It’s not sticky and it applies very even and easily. The formula is very comfortable and hydrating. Reflexion is a really fun shade of pink. You can be pretty versatile with this. I also love the glossiness of it.


chanel rouge allure extrait de gloss reflexion


Although I didn’t really see this coming, Reflexion was an absolute pleasure to work with. I usually don’t really think too much about lipglosses but these are really worth to consider. If you like something a bit thicker without being heavy, these will really please you. The pigmention of Reflexion did not disappoint and that applies to most of the Rouge Allure Extrait Glosses. The weartime I get with these is usually around 4 hours but these don’t survive a greasy meal  (french fries, anyone?). Reflexion is a limited edition shade.

So if you like colours like these, do take a look. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but I loved Audacieuse and Impulsive a lot more than Surprenante and Etonnante. The formula is smoother in Audacieuse and Impulsive and the pearl looks better with these shades. I can really recommend these three shades that I reviewed today to you, and I hope you will love them as much as I do! Impulsive is definitely my new favourite pink!


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