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Chanel has been releasing quite some collections lately, some are smaller than others and some are more seasonal. The Rouge Allure Moiré collection features 8 new Rouge Allure shades (2 are limited edition), 2 Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss (1 is limited edition), 2 lip pencils and two limited edition nail polishes. Today I’m reviewing the permanent shades that I got.  I know that everyone seems to be mostly interested in the two nail polishes but I personally was more curious about the Rouge Allure lipsticks. You see, I never had one before so I really needed to know all about these! And you know my feelings towards lipsticks, it’s a condition I tell ya!


chanel lip crayon rose ardent 2


Let’s go over the lip pencil first. Like the Rouge Allure lipsticks this is my first lip pencil of Chanel. What I really appreciate is the dual ends of the pencil. On one side you have the lip pencil itself and on the other side you have a little lip brush that actually really works! You get 1g of product and it goes for 22 euro. Along with the lip pencil you also get a pencil sharpener. On the pencil itself you can see what colour it holds, another detail that I appreciate.


chanel lip crayon rose ardent

chanel swatches suprenante etonnente rose ardent


from left to right: surprenante, etonnante, rose ardent

Rose Ardent 69 is a medium to dark pink leaning to a soft cherry red but a bit cooler. It has no glitter or shimmer and has a creamy finish. The formula of Rose Ardent is just about right. The texture is creamy but not too slick and slippery. It’s a tad dry but in a good way. This way you don’t get the colour creep in your fine lines. Rose Ardent is pigmented enough, it’s pretty easy in use. You can make the colour appear softer using the lip brush end. I used it to combine with Surprenante but you can also combine this with a medium red. Once on the lips it will stay put. It has amazing lasting power and the colour stays vibrant for the next few hours. It definitely helps with the prolonging of lipstick wear time.


chanel rouge moire rouge allure 129 131 2

left to right: etonnante, surprenante

And now we have the Rouge Allure lipsticks. They got a little make-over a while ago and I do find them a bit different in formula. The older ones were a bit more creamy and  had more slip. The new version comes in an interesting black packaging. You actually put the lipstick upside down. The case is in a sleek glossy outfit while the top is gold. If you press on the top you’ll see that it pops out. Pretty neat if you ask me!  You get 3.5 g for 32 euro. The Rouge Allure lipsticks have a faint scent of roses, but in a pleasant way.


chanel rouge moire rouge allure 129 131


Etonnante 131 is a medium to light soft coral with warm peachy tones. It has a subtle pearl that makes your lips appear a bit fuller. The pigmentation is medium to full. The colour comes out a bit lighter than in the tube but this will also depend on your skin tone. On me it appears like a warm medium coral. For me this is a great summer colour, it’s pretty perfect as a coral, it’s definitely a warmer coral. It accentuates my little bit of tan that I got over the past weeks of working in the burning sun (bad, I know!).  The pearl gives a lot of dimension to the lips and they really do appear fuller!


chanel rouge allure etonnante

chanel rouge allure etonnante look


Surprenante 129 is a medium soft pink with neutral to cool undertones. I’m pretty sure this will look a lot more cool-toned on cooler toned skins but on me it looks rather neutral. It also has the same pearl like Etonnante. The pigmentation is medium to full. While Etonnante has a slight frostiness to it, Surprenante does not or a lot less. It’s a great pink for anyone really. If you don’t want to have that ‘Barbie’ pink, this is a great option. It has a soft finish so it’s not in your face. The cooler tones in the pink will also really help brighten up your complexion. If you look at the full face pictures you’ll see that I ‘look’ a bit brighter with Surprenante while Etonnante gives me more of a glowy tanned look.


chanel rouge allure suprenante

chanel rouge allure suprenante look


Both Rouge Allure lipsticks had a creamy feel on the lips and they are a lot more hydrating than their sister Rouge Coco. They are not too slippery and feel a bit dryer than the previous formula, but it’s still really good and comfortable on the lips. The wear time is great too, they wear around a good 6 hours before they fade. The pearl does tend to highlight drier patches on the lips, so exfoliating them enough is the key! I really appreciate both shades, they have a nice softness in them that I really love. If you are looking for luminous shades with a nice formula, try these!

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