jo malone osmanthus blossom cologne


Yes, you are reading this right, today I’m writing about a limited edition scent of spring. The reason for this is because I got this in the summer and I love it so much that I wanted to share this with you. You might stumble across it in some stores. And when you do, please do give a good sniff! Osmanthus Blossom is very much a summer scent, it’s light and refreshing. A little bit about the blossom itself: it’s a very hard blossom to work with. It’s not as floral smelling in the beginning. Some people even say it smells like something animal-like. It does have a sweet rich powerful quality though but you have to know that one comes with the other.


jo malone osmanthus blossom


Osmanthus Blossom is clearly the base of the fragrance. They picked other notes to complement the character of the blossom. Apricot accentuates the fruitiness of Osmanthus blossom while leather notes complements the animal-like scent. Overall this scent is very fresh and green. We have the petitgrain and peach and orange flower contrasting with cashmere wood. So initially this starts very green with some strong citrus notes. It then changes into something softer. You get the leather notes and sometimes you get the idea of green tea.


jo malone osmanthusblossom


It’s a very interesting scent, that is for sure. I love the duality and how they respected this and made it into something very wearable and fresh. You get get a very interesting fruity fragrance, but not just that. The leather and the cashmere wood make this quite the unique scent. What I love about Osmanthus Blossom is that it feels like a veil of fresh air. It’s light and perfect to wear on hot summer nights. The scent is pretty straight forward and it is perfect to layer with other scents. Jo Malone recommends to try it with English Pear&Freesia Cologne. This will bring out the fruity notes even more.


jo malone osmanthus blossom cologne 2


For this limited edition the Jo Malone bottle got a special make-over. We all know the typical Jo Malone bottles, very clean and simple but oh so pretty. This time the bottle got a print of the osmanthus blossom which makes it even better because who can resist a pretty bottle like this? On the back we see a picture of the Osmanthus blossom and the fun thing is that when you look at the bottle you see the print and the picture.

Osmanthus Blossom is great for anyone who looks for a clean fresh but sophisticated and interesting scent. It’s perfect for spring and summer and even late fall.

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