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This fall Guerlain is going for a very sophisticated look with pink hues. We’re seeing delicate lace patterns with a mysterious touch. Voilette De Madame  is a modern version of the lady. She is sexy with a classy touch. The promotional pictures are such a pleasant sight. We’re seeing Natalia with fuchsia accents on her lips, nails and even her eyes. She looks like a lady in Paris, ready for an evening out. Today I’m showing you the gorgeous 4 colours blush, it’s a pretty thing, no?


guerlain madame rougit

guerlain madam rougit brush

guerlain madame rougit detail


Madame Rougit is limited edition, so if you want it, go for it! It’s very much a collector’s item and if you are a Guerlain fanatic like me you really want this. Madame Rougit comes in a black stylish compact. It’s pretty simple yet chic. It’s also very much like a real lady. Simple and sophisticated on the outside but once you got a glimpse of her real personality you’re in love! Inside we see the blush in all her beauty. The blush has that pretty lace pattern with little silver dots. It contains four shades. Under the blush you have another compartment with a little pink blush brush. The compact also carries a mirror. I bet you feel fancy when you take this compact out of your bag to check your make-up! The compact is actually not that heavy in case you want to carry it around.  The blush contains 8g and goes for 58.45 euro.  Did I also mention the amazing scent of violets?  This is why I love Guerlain!

guerlain madame rougit details

guerlain madame rougit swatches


Madame Rougit carries 4 shades. The darkest shade is a medium cool-toned pink with a satin finish. This shade is pretty sheer but it adds a bit more pink to the overall shade. Next we have a pearly light warm pink. This one also swatches rather sheer but it adds a beautiful pearly glow to the overall shade. The biggest part of the blush is the warm coral shade. This has a matte finish and is pretty pigmented and soft.  The last shade is a light coral shade with a golden pearl. It’s also quite sheer but adds warmth to the overall shade. The way I use Madame Rougit is by swirling all the shades together. This way you get the best out of the blush. The silvery buttons are a very thin overspray and disappear after first use but they do leave a gorgeous fine golden shimmer. If you use everything together you will get a pink coral shade with a nice amount of glow. The golden shimmer is very fine but oh so lovely.

guerlain madame rougit look


I’m pretty sure that if you will swatch these in-stores you might get worried about the pigmentation. Because yes, let’s be honest: these do not swatch very well when used individually. I strongly recommend you to use all the colours together for the best effect. I actually got fooled by the swatches because the first time I was using this I loaded too much on my brush and ended up with a hot pink cheek. If you use a dense blush brush you will get the best pigmentation out of Madame Rougit but I think the best way is to use something a bit more fluffy. Madame Rougit applies really well, is actually very pigmented on the skin.


guerlain madame rougit look 2


The powder is very fine and like most Guerlain powder products on the drier side. If you have very dry skin or you have patches on your cheeks you might want to test this first. For oily skins this is pretty much perfect because it gives a fine satin glow. So yes, I highly recommend this blush to everyone. If you like a pink coral cheek than this is really for you! If you like pretty blushes than this is for you!


guerlain madame rougit look 3




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  1. This blush looks so lovely on you! The design is so pretty. I just found your blog and I am loving it. :)

  2. I would hate to see the pattern gone…. so gorgeous!

  3. Prachtige blush, 4 mooie kleuren zeg!

  4. Not makeup-related (sinful, I know!) but I love this top on you! It really suits the aesthetic of the Violette de Madame collection, too.

  5. I knew you would look incredible in this! Amazing swatches too. You look like a sculpture, so beautiful. I love that shimmer but I’m ascared it will be too much :-/ I need to get to a counter ASAP!

    So glad to hear that you love this one too. We’re not alone :-)

  7. Ik ben ook fan, zo zo mooi!!
    Mooie foto’s, en make-up look (as always ;))

  8. So gorgeous, Teri! This looks great on you. Like Lily I’m resisting … I have Rouge G and as lovely as it is I just need to be good. *pouts*

    ♥ Jessica

    • Ooooh, you have that one?
      I’m so bummed out I missed out on that one, hehe.
      It’s good though, very pigmented, just don’t use the stripes separately ;).

  9. mine definitely skipped a couple. you look gorgeous, Teri!

  10. wonderful :) I need it

  11. Gorgeous Teri! I love mine too! I think it’s a lovely blush and use it almost every day!

  12. Isn’t it a beauty? It looks positively lovely on you! I’m really happy to have made the splurge and you’re right, a more fluffy blush brush gives the perfect hint of color. Oh and the smell!!! :)

  13. Pretty pretty! I gotta say, I was a bit distracted by your top in the full shot though. But in a good way! It looks so nice.

  14. Beautiful. Je hebt gelijk, ook is was even ongerust over de pigmentatie maar gemengd valt het super mee!

  15. Aww isn’t this one pretty? Even the hot pink stripe is really pigmented when you use it with a brush!

  16. zo’n lief en zacht kleurtje :)

  17. Looks gorgeous on you. I have to admit, I liked how it looked on me too but I still don’t understand why it has to be that dry. Guerlain’s bronzers (lastly released 4 season ones) or Terra Ora from this summer are all buttery soft and smooth. In the other hand their blushes are all stone wise (also the ones from permanent collection). I don’t know why there has to be such a difference.

    • It’s a Guerlain thing (for me). I don’t know why, but yep, they are very dry to the touch. Luckily it doesn’t affects the pigmentation in this case but yeah the permanent blushes feel a bit hard idd.

  18. hij is zooo mooi, echt niet normaal. Staat je ook echt heel erg goed

    • Dank je! :)
      Ik vind dat de prijs ook nog goed meevalt voor zo’n pareltje als dit :).
      Of ben ik nu gewoon gebrainwashed? :p

  19. Wow… I am intrigued with the beauty of this blush. A must buy types! You know what I mean! :-D

  20. hij staat je super mooi!

  21. Gorgeous! The blush looks great on you. I’m still resisting it… and it helps that there are no Guerlain counters locally. LOL!

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