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With the gorgeous Voilette de Madame Guerlain released these eyeshadow duos. They are very fitting with the idea behind Voilette de Madame because these duos are all about layers catching and reflecting the light in a beautiful way. I know that everyone is distracted by the gorgeous 4-colour blush Madame Rougit and the lipsticks, but these are very much worth looking into. Some duos look quite bold and daring but once you use them they make a lot of sense. Today I’m showing you Two Spicy: a combination of a matte dark brown with a bright coral. Bright coral you say? Well yes, the end result was very different from what I expected!


guerlain two spicy 3

guerlain two spicy 2


The eyeshadow duos come in a thin golden compact case. It’s a 100% pure Gurelain and they remind me of the thinner version of their eyeshadow quads. When you open the case you get to see two eyeshadows and a little dual ended applicator. There is also a little mirror. The idea of these duo eyeshadows is to combine a matte/satin eyeshadow with a glittery/shimmery shade. Each eyeshadow duo name starts with Two.. ¬†An eyeshadow duo contains a total of 4g and goes for 42.50 euro. It’s definitely not the cheapest but it’s pretty much the average price of most high-end eyeshadows.


guerlain two spicy detail

guerlain two spicy swatches


Two Spicy 08 contains a satin dark neutral toned brown. When blended out it becomes more of a warm brown. This is one of those interesting shades that look a bit different when you use them lighter or darker. You can make it look like an almost cool-toned intense brown or blend it out to a soft medium warm brown. The colour is very pigmented and smooth and soft. It’s not a matte but a very subtle satin. If you look closely you see that it contains the most finely milled shimmers. The other shade is a hot bright shimmery coral. Don’t be scared though because this is really meant to be used as a veil over the dark brown. When swatched you will see its sheer quality. Now this is not just another shimmery eyeshadow. It’s a very interesting shimmer that has this glossy almost wet-like effect. It is very different from the shimmery eyeshadows that I have.


guerlain two spicy eyelook 2

guerlain two spicy eyelook


Two Spicy is a little more versatile than you think. Guerlain says you can use it in different ways but my favourite way to use it is quite simple. First I applied the dark brown all over the eye-lid. I blended it out to a more softer brown and intensified it on the outer edges. Then I used the coral shade in the middle of my eye. You just pat it on the dark brown. I didn’t experienced any fall-out. The coral over the dark brown gives a more copper/bronze effect overall. It gives the most beautiful glossy/sparkly effect. So you see, there is nothing to be scared of. I am so pleased with these eyeshadow duo that I might get one more. The quality of these are outstanding and if you want something that is very glamorous you must give these a chance!


guerlain two spicy look


guerlain two spicy look 3

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