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Guys! I know that the Dior Mystic Metallics collection is quite big and there is much to look at (especially those two gorgeous quints) but do try and take a look at those Diorshow Fusion Monos. It seems that for some reason the Dior blush Cheek Creme from the Summer Mix collection got overlooked and I will not let this happen with these Fusion Monos!  Let me explain to you why you really need to give these a try. But before I do this let’s have a quick overview. The Mystic Metallics collection is officially my favourite fall collection because it’s simply everything you need/want for fall! We have metallic nail polish, two amazing quints (either go green or purple), the new blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, the fusion monos and more eyeshadows. The collection is inspired by the stars and the milky way. It has something mysterious. The whole collection breathes that idea with intense shades, shine and metallic finishes.


diorshow fusion mono hypnotique detail


Now let’s take a look at those fusion monos! These are like a hybrid of a cream and an eyeshadow. The texture is a bit like a solid mousse. It feels soft and a little bit bouncy. The Fusion Monos comes out in 8 shades ranging from light pink to deep blue to medium pewter to intense black. I’m pretty sure you will find a shade that you like. The Fusion monos can be used wet or dry. They all have a shimmery finish. The Fusion Monos come in a round glass jar. It feels pretty hefty and I love the simple but sleek design.  A Fusion Mono contains 6.5 g and goes for 33.50 euro. Each eyeshadow comes with a little cute sponge applicator but you can easily use your fingers too if you want.


diorshow fusion mono hypnotique details


Hypnotique 881 is a deep shimmery grey plummy purple. It’s quite an interesting shade actually because sometimes it looks more purple and other times it looks more grey. It has a great smokiness to it and yes, this is a perfect shade to create a gorgeous smoked out eye-look with. The shimmers are very fine and add a lot to the colour. The beauty about the formula is that you don’t get any fall-out with the shimmer. It’s actually very pleasant to work with. The pigmentation is great as well and you can sheer it out or build it up. When I received Hypnotique it immediately reminded me of Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire. Needless to say that I had to compare them! I can tell you that they are similar, they could be sisters. The biggest difference is that Illusoire is a bit lighter and is more plum whilst Hynotique is darker and more grey.


diorshow fusion mono hypnotique swatch


I think the question that a lot of people will ask is: how does these compare with the Chanel Illusion D’Ombres? Well, I think they are extremely similar. Dior Fusion Monos feel a bit cooler to the touch. They also have a finer shimmer. Besides that they feel pretty much the same to me. The packaging is pretty similar too, both glass pots are the same size. The interesting part is that Dior contains 6.5 g and Chanel only has 4g. They both go for around the same price here, so if you love the Chanel Illusion D’Ombres do not miss out on these because they are as beautiful and a better bargain!


diorshow hypnotique vs chanel Illusoire

left to right: hypnotique – illusoire

diorshow fusion mono hypnotique eye look

diorshow fusion mono hypnotique eye look 2


I tried Hypnotique with and without an eye primer (I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance). The interesting part was that it work smoother without a primer but I got a more vibrant colour pay-off with a primer. I also used Hypnotique both wet and dry. I highly suggest that if you want to make a smokey eye-look , you used it both dry and wet. Hypnotique shows that its very versatile this way. I used the shade dry all over the eyelid. Then I wetted my brush a bit and used it to darken the outer part of my eyelid. When used wet you get a much darker shade and it’s a lot more intense, opaque and shimmer. This way you can smoke out the whole look. It’s also great to use as an eyeliner.


diorshow fusion mono hypnotique look 2


Do I recommend the Fusion Monos? Hell yes I do! I really really love the shades that Dior released (well, I actually hate it because it’s so bad for my wallet, hehe) and they are so easy and pleasant to work with. The shimmers really are amazing and they are a bit more subtle than the Chanel Illusion D’Ombres, so you can totally wear this everywhere!  Please do give these a chance, because they really deserve it!


diorshow fusion mono hypnotique look 3


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