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It’s finally that time for another post with the lovely ladies of the Lipstick Bandits. I can’t remember who came up with the great idea of asking our partners to pick a lip colour. The first time I asked my fiance he frowned upon that question. It was like asking him to do something impossible, like tasting the difference of unsalted and salted food (yes, he really can’t tell!). He let it sink in for a while and he was quite enthusiastic about some ideas he had. ‘So where are your green and blue lipsticks‘ he asked, but I had to disappoint him there because I’m not that adventurous just yet! After rummaging through my stash of lipsticks it became quite clear that he loved himself some purples and plum coloured lipsticks. He settled for a deep plum red paired with a glittery golden gloss. It’s quite clear that guys aren’t too aware of seasonal trends or maybe they just don’t care but I thought this pairing was perfect for the Holidays in December. Yet here we are on a hot and sunny day in Belgium and the boyfriend goes straight to the plums!


lipstick bandits july products used


After selecting his favourite plums, he had to decide between three shades. He eventually went for the YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick because he really fancied the packaging. Yep, it’s not about pigmentation, finish or any of that, it’s all about the fancy packaging for this guy! Same story goes for the lipgloss, he chose a Dior Addict lipgloss because it looked better. I added a plum red lipliner, just to create sharper lines.


lipstick bandits his pick lip detail


So here we have a pretty creation of my fiance, it’s a plum red with slight pinky tones to it and over that we have a sparkling golden glitter that adds lots of dimension and glam to the look. Great look for let’s say uh, Christmas? But for now?  The boyfriend was quite happy with the result nonetheless, he said it could be far worse. I think he got the hang of it because he wanted to have a say in the rest of the look. But when I heard the words ‘red eye shadow would go perfect with this‘ I just knew I had to make a run for it, lol!


lipstick bandits july edition


I guess some guys don’t really understand colours, make-up or anything close to it, and my guy is one of them. He understands numbers, logic and nerdy stuff, but make-up is an absolute mystery for him. I have to say that I expected far more worse from him, he could have gone for yellow or brown, or maybe even corpse lips. It was funny to see him picking between my always-growing stash of lipsticks. I tried to explain the shades to him like fuchsia, coral, orange. Yet he was convinced that they were all just the same pink. This guy eh?!


lipstick bandits july edition 2


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