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Some beauty geekery today because it’s all about this little nifty beautytool called the Clarisonic Mia 2! I think this might be one of the most popular beauty gadget on the market right now and now it’s also coming to Benelux! I always heard so many people raving about the Clarisonic tools and I always wondered: is this for real or is it just a fad? When I got an invite to see the Clarisonic with my own eyes I just had to go and see it for myself. Truth to be told: I was very skeptical. Does this little device really do the things it claims to do? I also heard some negative stories about it and I can only say: this is a great tool but if you use it wrong you might get horrible results. I’ve been using the Mia 2 for a good week now and today I’m sharing my initial thoughts. A week is not nearly long enough to give my final verdict but it’s a start!


clarisonic mia 2


So what is a Clarisonic? I’m sure most readers from the states know it, but it’s very new here in the Benelux and maybe even Europe. It is a little device with a brush head that cleans your skin. You can use it twice a day (depending on your skin) for just a minute. It makes things faster and more effective. The special thing about the Clarisonic is the movement of the brush itself. Instead of just rotating, it has this oscillating movement which is a lot better for your skin and more effective in cleaning the skin. The bristles of the brush is made of special fibers which is very soft for the skin and anti-bacterial.


sensitive, delicate brush head

clarisonic sensitive and delicate brush heads


You can chose between different type of brushes and there will be coming three types of brushes for the Mia 2: normal, sensitive and delicate. I strongly recommend to go for either sensitive or delicate. There are numerous of stories that say that the normal brush head is too harsh and irritating for the skin. I chose delicate and it’s perfect for my skin. The difference is that the bristles move a bit less so it cleanses the skin in a softer way. How do we use it? It’s very simple! You just wet the brush a bit, put on your cleanser on the brush and put it on. You start with the forehead, the chin and jaw, and then you do each cheek for 10 seconds. You will notice that the device will give a beep for each area. It’s just that easy! Mia 2 is waterproof, you will see that it has no openings. To charge the device you get this magnetic charger that will stick to the device, just like that!


clarisonic mia 2 content


After that you just clean the brush with water and dry it. We will get two types of Clarisonics: the Plus and the Mia 2. The Plus version is a full sized version and this comes with a body brush head too. The Mia 2 is a smaller version and doesn’t come with a body brush head. Mia 2 is meant to be very portable, it comes with a travel case. ┬áSo depending on your lifestyle you go for the Mia 2 or Plus. I honestly think the Mia 2 is great on it’s own but I never tried the Plus. The only little downside of the Mia 2 is that it doesn’t come with a holder. It would look a bit better and neater in the bathroom.

So how am I liking the Mia 2? I went to the presentation, I listened and I was still a bit sceptical. I went home, charged my Mia 2 and I used it for the first time. I literally washed away my last bit of doubt with that because from that moment on I was hooked! It leaves your skin incredibly clean without feeling ‘squeaky clean’. I first used my own cleansers and went over with the Mia 2 and I still found some dirt on the brush. It cleanses deeper than a normal cleanser because of the bristles. I was also really happy that the brush doesn’t feel hard or annoying at all, it actually is very soft on my skin. You do want to go easy on the cheek area. What I love most about it is the brighter appearance of my skin. It looks more even toned now and fresh. I think it’s because the brush stimulates blood flow on the face?

I use it twice a day now and it might sound like a lot but so far my skin is really happy with it. It changed a lot over the week that I’ve been using it. Less clogged pores, brighter even-toned skin and less spots. I’m genuinely impressed by this and I never expected results this good! I also love how easy it is to use, even my boyfriend likes that. It’s quick and easy but effective! This is really great for anyone who doesn’t like to cleanse, or in a hurry or looking for really great skin!

Clarisonic will come to the Benelux at the end of August and will be sold at Ici Paris XL here in Belgium. A Mia 2 kit goes for 149 euro and a Plus kit goes for 225 euro. A spare brush head goes for 25 euro.

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