Summer Treats


summer treats



Hey lovelies! How are we all doing today? It’s almost the weekend, phew! In the mean time I decided to treat myself to some goodies. I have been on a low-buy lately, not on purpose but simply because I don’t have time to shop around. Yesterday I had a bit of spare time to go shopping, just really quickly though! I picked up swimming some time ago, and I didn’t had proper swimwear. So now I finally found a nice bikini. I really love the colour as well!


summer treats 2



Okay, so bikini: check! I had a little bit more time than I thought so off to the beauty counter I go! This Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Immortal Charcoal 55 has been on my list for a while. I wanted a dark base for my eye shadow and since the Colour Tattoos work really well on me I opted for this one. It’s 10.99 euro. Next up we have a YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Orange Impertinent 16. It’s a warm lighter coral shade that I’ve been eyeing for a while as well. I love the formula a lot, it’s nice and light so off I went with a second one! They go for 29.70 euro. With each purchase you always get plenty of samples and one of them was Flora by Gucci. I’m a big fan of the Flora scents, they are floral (duh) but not too overwhelming for my sensitive nose! I fell in love with the first sniff, it’s super juicy because of the honey melon, yum!


summer treats 1



Another summer blush and one that I’ve been wanting forever: Chanel Frivole! It’s the perfect warm peachy shade for the cheeks, with a soft satin sheen. The blushes go for 34.65 euro. Then we have the famous Maybelline the Falsies. This was a bit of an impulse buy and now that I think of it, why did I buy another mascara when I still have tons of samples to try? It must be all the raving reviews from people that got me. I tried it and my first impression is great, it adds lots of volume but I’m slightly concerned about the heavier formula. We’ll see how it goes! The Falsies go for around 10 euro.  And what do we see now? A Chubby-like pen thingie? It’s everywhere right? Well, not so much here in Belgium. At least not readily available. Luckily for us Bourjois launched a summer collection featuring the Colour Boost lip pens. They have a twist-up system and there are four shades available. These are 9.99 euro each! I love the gel-like finish of these, you get some shine but also enough pigment too!


Any nice things that you treated to yourself lately? It’s really needed just every now and then, right? 😉

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