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Today we have some skincare on the blog. Now that feels like ages ago, no? Don’t get me wrong though, I always love myself some nice skincare but I tend to stick what works for me. However, despite having quite a steady skincare routine I was still missing a really good SPF product for the face. I have some nice ones but I don’t love them enough to keep using them. Estee Lauder Skincare is pretty great, we all know the famous Advanced Night Repair line, it’s fabulous! When the mail about the newest Daywear SPF 50 landed in my inbox I was intrigued. I was lucky to get hold of a sample and after using it for quite a while I’m now ready to share my thoughts!


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So first a bit about me and SPF products. I usually tend to favour physical sunscreens because my skin reacts better on them. Somehow I also feel safer and more protected when I use those. I have nothing against the chemical ones but sometimes I do have a reaction on them. However, there is no doubt about it: physical sunscreens have that white cast and sometimes it’s pretty apparent. When I have to go somewhere I do prefer something less obvious so I usually go for a chemical one. Let’s just say that I use both but I have better results with the physical sunscreens.


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The Daywear SPF 50 is a daily moisturiser with a high SPF of 50. Now I’ll be honest here, SPF 50 is great but I’m already happy with anything above SPF 20. The Daywear moisturiser comes in that typical Estee Lauder pale blue tube and it reminds me a bit of their BB cream tube. The tip is the same too, you simply squeeze out the product that you need and it’s very easy to control the amount you want to get out. A tube contains 30 ml and goes for 38.79 euro.


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The Daywear SPF 50 claims to have multi-protection of UV. It’s always very important to use an SPF that protects agains UVA and UVB. If we look at the ingredients (an woaw, that is a serious long ingredient list!) we see that it has three chemical forms of sunscreen. We see Homosalate and Octocrylene,  these two protect you against UVB. We also see Oxybenzone which protects us agains both UVA and UVB. As you can see on the list they are present in high amounts so it’s definitely a great sunscreen.


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Looking further on the ingredient list we see a lot of plant extracts, a lot of great moisturising ingredients and a tiny amount of fragrance. It’s definitely a beautiful moisturiser, it’s more than just a sunscreen. It’s targeted towards all skin types but I’d say that it might be too rich for the very oily skin types.  The formula is described as lightweight, sheer and perfect to achieve soft smooth skin. One of my favourite thing about this moisturiser is the scent. It has that delightful fresh scent of cucumbers. It’s the same thing with the Estee Lauder Daywear BB cream and it really adds to the refreshing effect. The texture is very light weight indeed, it’s like a thicker lotion and you just apply it all over the face. It leaves the skin moisturised and a bit dewy.


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Despite the huuuuge ingredient list (those can be tricky sometimes) it didn’t trigger any bad reaction. My skin actually loves it a lot more than my physical sunscreens because despite that they work great on me they do tend to clog my pores a lot faster. I also love that this is invisible on the skin. Now don’t you forget that you have to wait for at least half an hour after application before going into the sun! Also, don’t forget to reapply during the day! Overall I really recommend this beautiful daycream with a good SPF, I love it so much that I’ll definitely going to re-buy this and it’s already a daily staple!

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