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Summer has officially begun and today I’m showing you some of my favourite nail polishes from the summer collections. It also happened to be mostly blue/teal, so I thought ‘hey, let’s just keep it to this colour and do a little round-up’. Most of them I already reviewed, so just click on the link for more! You can see some picks from the high-end brand but also from the drugstore so there is something for everyone!


high end teals chanel, ysl and dior



Let’s start off with Chanel’s Azure. It was the first thing that caught my eye from the collection and I love the shade so much! It’s a very pretty metallic blue that shifts to darker or lighter blue with teal. Although I wished the stripes were a little less apparent, I do love it a lot! Next we have the sophisitcated YSL Vert D’Orient. Th is a teal that leans a bit more green and I love how classy it looks on my nails. It’s a great shade for summer if you want something different than the brights. Then we see a duo from Dior in Samba. Two very different teals, one in a cream finish and the other one is a bit like Azure but less metallic and not with the streaks. This little duo is great for mixing and matching on the hands and feet, I personally love the cream one on my hands and the more metallic one on my feet!


cheaper alternatives


Here we see L’oreal Blue Reef and it’s actually very close to YSL Vert D’Orient but a bit more blue. If you are on a budget but you like the shade, I suggest this one because the formula and the brush is excellent! Next we have Maybelline Urban Turquoise and this is a pretty ‘bright’ turquoise with a bit more blue. Another great nail polish for the ones that like turquoise a little more bright! Lastly I have Essie Naughty Nautical, it’s a blue teal with glass flecks! Super pretty and the best part is the staying power! I was very impressed by the wear time, it stayed 7 days on me with barely any tip wear.

That’s it, my favourite teals for this summer. Something for anyone, bright, muted, creamy or glittery, I love my teal for various occasions!


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