dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri 3


Dior Summer Mix will be soon hitting the stores here and it’s pretty exciting! What do we get this year? Four vibrant shades of nail polishes, two Nude Tan powders and the best of all… four shades of the Dior Diorblush Cheekcremes! These are completely new with this collection. I’m a big fan of cream blushes and I was really happy when I found out that Dior was bringing out there own version. Cream  blushes can go great or horribly wrong. We are all hoping for the first one ofcourse, so let’s see how Dior did with their version!


dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri 2

dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri 4


The Diorblush Cheekcremes come in a round glass pot with a screw- on lid. It has blue accents, the very typical Dior blue shade and it’s pretty simple. The glass pot is a bit smaller than the average blush, it comes pretty close to the Le Metier De Beauté Creme Fresh Tints in size but a bit smaller. A jar contains 7g of product and goes for 33.02 euro. That’s quite some product! The cream blushes are excellent to mix and match with the four nail polishes, the possibilities are endless (well, not endless, but you get the point). The blush itself has a light sweet floral scent, it makes applying the product extra nice to me. Like you indulge yourself to something extra special.


dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri

dior diorblush cheekcreme capri detail

dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri swatch


Capri 851 is a pale to medium warm pink with a satin finish. It’s almost invisible to the eye but it has the most finest shimmer I ever saw in a product. It gives a subtle glow and adds to the satin finish. Depending on your skin tone this will look more warm or cool. On me it turns in a beautiful warm pink. I think this is a great blush for a lot of people because it’s pretty light, the pink tone is very forgiving and it goes very well with a lot of looks. When I first saw the promo pictures I wasn’t too impressed with Capri. It looked awfully pale and I just thought ‘ouch, that will look horrible on me’. I received it as sample and boy, I was scared! It turns out that it’s actually a very big hit on me!


dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri look

dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri look 3


Capri is the kind of pink that gives you a bright, younger and more awake appearance and we all want that, right? It works very well on the skin, the pink is sheer enough to blend in with your own skin tone, so this will not look like a very pale pink in the end. Now let’s talk about the texture! It is something truly unique. It is so soft, and it is a bit bouncy. It’s not a mousse though, it’s drier than a mousse. It feels incredibly silky and smooth and just really interesting! The pigmentation is excellent. This is not like a full-on blush but it delivers the right amount and it blends in like a dream! What I love about this is the ease of use. Just use your fingers and you’ll see it practically blends itself! It’s almost like a cream to powder product, but it’s a bit creamier, just a bit though. The great thing about that is that it’s great for on-the-go. You can apply it over your foundation, there will be no patches and it can be done with just the fingers. Staying power is really great too!  These blushes are great for any one getting into cream blushes, anyone who loves blushes and anyone looking for a product that is pretty much effortless in use! I really urge you to try this yourself, touch it, it’s amazing! And try it as well, you’ll love it! I am already eyeing more of these! Dior Summer Mix will hit the stores on June 19!


dior diorblush cheekcreme in capri look 2

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  1. Ik heb deze blush ook, en ik vind hem geweldig! Staat jou ook prachtig :)

  2. Hi There! Great post. I was wondering if you have already tried the new Chanel cream blushes (I think they were released or will be very soon!) and how do these compare to this CD cream blush! Many thanks!!

    • I am going to try them very soon! They have not leunched here so we have to wait just a little bit more ^^.

  3. Erg mooi! I remember you reviewed LMdB Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy. I’m trying to source it when the reviews for this baby started popping. I can’t justify myself having 2 too similar colours, though. Can you help me decide? :)

    • They are similar idd! Capri is dier to the douch and feels almost like a powder on the skin. Poppy is more creamy. I’d say Poppy is great for dry skins while Capri is better for oily skins. If you have normal skin, you can choose between the two. I prefer Capri just a bit more because it blends a bit better and is super easy to work with!

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  5. It’s pretty on you ! I picked up the same yesterday, it’s very soft and smooth on the cheeks but the texture is really dry I think. Not on the cheeks but when applying it, it’s not so easy to apply I mean. I love the glass pan and packaging, the price is nice here 28 €. It’s a lovely blush for summer.

  6. DANG now I need this one AND the one Sunny blogged about too! GORGEOUS.

  7. these seem very similar to the maybelline dream bouncy blushes in the US. They retail for around 8 dollars.

  8. This looks so incredible on you!!! I so hope they get released here.

  9. You look very fresh faced with this blush. This looks like the perfect everyday blush.

  10. The pink is so natural and beautiful <3

  11. Prachtige foto’s Terive. x

  12. So pretty! You look like a little flower. I really must touch these in store, I have a feeling I would enjoy sticking my fingers into that texture!

  13. Again.. gorgeous pictures! Ik houd van de shimmers in de perfecte blush. Goddamn, wat ziet het product er mooi uit op je wangen. :) Hij oogt heel verfrissend en natuurlijk. Looks good on you!

  14. Wat een prachtige foto’s! De blush ziet er supermooi uit!

  15. Oh my, I want one! Sooo pretty on you!

  16. Hey, Capri is not too pale at all! I might go for a stronger shade just because I’ll have the choice to play it up or down, but it’s definitely not something that will disappear on medium skin tones :)

  17. This is definitely on my radar. This pink looks barely there on you. Very natural and youthful :-) Love it!

  18. Het effect is echt supermooi! Fris en jong: heerlijk voor de zomer!

  19. So pretty! En het geeft je ook echt zo een jong, fris blosje. Meestal houden crèmeblushes op mij niet lang, maar als de textuur toch een beetje anders is, lukt het met deze misschien wel.

  20. The light flush of pink is so sweet and so perfect with the touch of shimmery purple on your eyes, Teri! What shade is that?? I love purple :D Curious about these Dior cream blushes. I was very excited at first but after reading a few reviews about the texture, I’m not so sure anymore. I guess I will have to swatch it for myself and see

  21. I wonder when it launches here… I need to be prepared and ready! :-)

  22. de laatste foto is prachtig!

  23. Great review!!! May I know what did yoi ise for your eyes? So beautiful! !!

  24. gorgeous product foto’s! <3

  25. This looks absolutely stunning on you! It definitely gives a youthful glow to your skin.

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