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Clinique finally brought their own line out in nail polishes and they are not just any nail polishes, nope, they are different. They are marketed as nail polishes for the sensitive skin and eyes. I know I frowned a little when I heard about it, because I didn’t see the link between nail polish and sensitive eyes. What Clinique actually means with these is that they don’t contain irritating ingredients that might trigger certain irritation in the eye area or the skin. We  tend to touch our eye area around 200 times a day and that might cause problems. So what’s so special about these? They are 5-free. Now 5-free is nothing new, we see some nice indie brands with it such as Kure Bazaar, Priti, OCC and Spa Ritual for example. Bigger brands like NCLA and Chanel does it too. What does 5-free actually mean? It means they don’t contain 5 ingredients that are considered harmful and problematic. The ingredients are: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluen, formaldehyde resin and camphor. So I’m really happy to see Clinique doing a 5-free nail polish!


clinique a different nail enamel 2

clinique a different nail enamel brush detail


The Clinique A Different Nail Enamel comes out in 16 shades, 4 of them are online exclusives. We see some jelly finishes, creams and also some metallics and glitter. The bottles are round and  high with a silver cap. The design is pretty simple and straight forward. The brush is flat. It’s not as flat like Guerlain or YSL but it comes closer to the Dior nail polish brushes. It does make applying nail polish a lot more easier and I’m really happy that Clinique chose for a flatter design. My only little point of critique is that the names are not on the bottle. Instead they are on the bottom on a sticker. The print is really small and I can see how some people will really struggle with this. That’s my only point though. A nail polish contains 9 ml of product and goes for 16.55 euro.


clinique a different nail enamel brush detail 2


Black Honey 09 is a very deep wine red. It is so dark that it almost looks like a black, but it’s definitely a red. The interesting part is the jelly finish, it’s so pretty! It gives a nice dimension to the shade, it’s not that flat like a cream finish would be but you can really see that squishy finish. When it comes to pigmentation and application, Black Honey is really pretty much perfect. It requires no effort and it goes on very even. Clinique fans will love this, Black Honey has a very devoted fan base and I can see why. It’s a great shade, with a modern take because of the jelly finish. It’s for every season, it’s versatile and it’s pretty much a classic shade. I compared it to Dior Rouge Garconne, but the last one is a little bit lighter and just a tad browner.


clinique a different nail enamel in black honey nail swatch 2

clinique a different nail enamel in black honey nail swatch


70° And Sunny  (an online exclusive here) is a bright warm yellow. It reminds me of canaries and sometimes it also reminds me of lemons. It has a cream finish. 70° And Sunny is very saturated. The pigmentation is definitely there, it just screams ‘summer’ on your nails! However, the formula is a bit problematic. The first coat was very uneven and you could see streaks. You really have to lay that brush flat and try to cover your nail in one go. The second layer was much better but you could still see a bit of uneven strokes. The shade is gorgeous though, it’s one of the most saturated pigmented yellow nail polishes I’ve ever come across to! It really helps if you layer a topcoat over it so it will look more even.


clinique a different nail enamel in 70 and sunny nail swatch 2

clinique a different nail enamel in 70 and sunny nail swatch


I really do appreciate that Clinique put quite some effort and thought into their nail polish line, it’s always great to see that in a brand. Both shades are great, Black Honey is definitely my favourite, I love that they gave it such a yummy finish. 70° And Sunny is great in terms of pigment and colour but the formula is not flawless, it requires some work but the end result is worth it. I now have bright and happy nails and I love it!


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