ysl nail couture in taupe mauresque

Get ready for another stunning summer collection coming out soon! This time it’s from YSL and the collection got the very suitable name ‘Saharienne Heat‘. The whole collection radiates hotness if you ask me! We are seeing khaki, gold, purple and lots and lots of bronzed skin. Something I noticed when getting information about this collection is that we Europeans only receive a part of the collection. We don’t get the three nail polish shade, only one eyeshadow palette and we get different Glossy Stains and no lipsticks. We are also seeing a hint of green in the form of a nail polish: Vert D’Orient. It’s a very interesting shade of green and I’m a bit obsessed with it. However, I receive Taupe Mauresque, a shade that I usually would never pick myself. I avoid brown shades on my nails as a pest so getting Taupe Mauresque is definitely interesting. Let’s see how this shade of brown fares on me. Will I love it or not? Let’s find out!


ysl nail couture in taupe mauresque 4

ysl nail couture in taupe mauresque 3


This is my first expereince with the YSL La Laque Couture. The bottle comes with a pretty golden cap with the initials of YSL on it. The bottle itself is square and reminds me a bit of the newer Givenchy nail polish bottles. The cap is removable and you get to see the brush once you remove it. The brush is wide and flat. It’s one of the widest brushes I saw until now but it does make application really easy with just one stroke. A bottle contains 10 ml and goes for 25 euro. I’d say that YSL nail polishes are very underrated here, they don’t seem to get as much love but they have some really interesting shades and the formula seems top notch!


ysl nail couture in taupe mauresque brush detail


Taupe Mauresque 37 is a deep dark cool brown shade with a creamy finish. It’s definitely very much like a taupe, it has a good amount of grey in it. The formula is just perfect and while the first layer goes a bit uneven, the second layer makes it all look perfect. What I really loved was the dry time, it dries down fairly quick and made working with it a breeze. The brush is great to use but it might be a bit too wide for the pinky finger. I had to be a bit careful with that one but I loved using it on the other nails.


ysl taupe mauresque la laque couture

ysl taupe mauresque la laque couture 2



I honestly can say that I love this shade of brown. I think it works on me because the shade isn’t too warm but rather cool. It’s also perfect paired with gold as in golden nail polish, golden rings or bracelets. It really accentuates it very beautifully. This shade will work for a lot of people, even for poeple who are getting into browns and are a bit sceptic like me. This is a gorgeous deep shade that looks very chic and sophisticated. It’s definitely a very summery shade in a very different way to me. I also love how deep the shade is, it really adds to the colour! So I have to conclude that this is my first brown nail polish and it’s a hit! I’m definitely open to brown taupes like Taupe Mauresque because it’s completely unique in my collection!


ysl taupe mauresque la laque couture 3

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