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Rouge Bunny Rouge sure love their names long because today’s product is about the Original Skin Blush For Love Of Roses. If there is another great product that you need to try out, it is definitely an Original Skin Blush. The one thing that I immediately loved were the pretty flowers embossed in the powder itself. Expect finely milled pigments with soft finishes. It is called Skin Blush for a reason, the whole idea is to enhance the skin in a natural way.


rouge bunny rouge original skin blush in orpheline detai 2

rouge bunny rouge original skin blush in orpheline


Original Skin Blushes come in six petal-soft colours. They all look very wearable, aren’t screamingly bright and look so soft. The blushes come in a round black compact with a floral design, it’s the same floral design that you will see in the blush itself. ┬áThe compact carries a little mirror for on the go. A blush contains 3.5 g of product and goes for 28 euro. Original Skin Blushes are supposed to be sheer and they’ll melt into the skin. It has a creamy touch because of the pearls and They also contain some active ingredients. Uhaloa and other ingredients will give a long-term brightening effect if you use it on a regular base. Indian Gooseberry Extracts are there for you to protect your skin from free radical damage. The result of Original Skin Blushes are your skin but better.


rouge bunny rouge original skin blush in orpheline detail

rouge bunny rouge original skin blush orpheline swatch


Orpheline 036 is described as a medium, warm strawberry with an illuminating radiance. I really think Rouge Bunny Rouge does a great job at describing their products. It really is a strawberry shade, a warm pink with a soft satin finish. It’s a very interesting shade, I don’t own any pink like this. I looked around in my stash and did some comparisons with the pinks I own. Closest to Orpheline is Illamasqua Tweak but it has more red. Orpheline is very warm compaired to the pinks I have. It’s not a true coral though, it has too much orange for that. Like I said, it looks dupeable but it’s more interesting than you’d might think! I really love the soft glowing satin finish. The trick must be the very fine pearl in it, it prevents the blush from looking dull, you sometimes have this issue with matte shades. The texture is very fine, it’s soft, smooth and silky to the touch. My brush didn’t kick up any powder either.


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I went over my other blushes to compare texture and I came to the following conclusion: most of the matte/satin shades that I own have a drier texture. The Original Skin Blush is amazing when it comes to blending into the skin. While I love my Burberry blush (and it’s one of the smoothest, silkiest powders that I have) it can’t compete with the softness of Orpheline. It is just a bit more creamy and it makes such a difference on the skin. Orpheline is not really that sheer as a blush. It is actually pretty pigmented, giving the skin a pretty flush of colour. It also wears really well on me but I honestly don’t have a lot of issues with blush fading on me. Overall I really love my first Rouge Bunny Rouge blush, I’m definitely going to buy Florita when autumn starts. The only thing that I’m torn about is the amount of product you get. For me it’s great, I’ll never use up a blush any time soon, but for people that don’t hoard blushes like me, is 3.5 g enough? Don’t get me wrong though, the price/amount you get is just about right, it’s more about the amount itself. I think the average blush contains 4/5g of product. That is just nitpicking though because the blush itself is wonderful!


rouge bunny rouge orpheline look

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