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Guuuys! I finally accumulated enough empty stuff to put in a post. It took me quite a while because I kinda automatically throw empty stuff out immediately after it gets used up. I really had to reprogram my brain to not do that, haha. So what is this ’empties‘ kinda post anyway? It’s pretty straight forward, you just show your used up products on the blog, comment on how you liked it and if you are going to repurchase it or not. I for one like to see what other bloggers actually use up so I’ve been wanting to do this myself for quite a while. Enough rambling,lets take a look at those empties!


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As you can see it’s mostly eye products and face products. It’s one of the few things that I actually manage to use up: the base products. I don’t think I’ll ever finish an eyeshadow or a lipstick because I got tons of those, but base products are things that I just buy one of.


empties face products



First we have the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. It lasted me for a good while and I love it a lot. I already bought a second bottle so you can safely say that I’m a big fan! The only minor thing that I don’t like is that it’s quite tricky to see how much product is left in the bottle. I unexpectedly ran out, so that’s no good! Next is the Paula’s Choice tinted moisturiser. If you follow me for a good while you will now that I love it to bits. This is my third tube now so yes, again a big fan! Next is a bit of a unique one because it’s the first time I ever used up a foundation! The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is my absolute favourite foundation for taking pictures. Will I repurchase? I’m not sure because there is a new version out of the Healthy Mix, so I’m trying to decide between the two. Either way, it will be a Healthy Mix something foundation ;).


empties cleansers



Here we see the famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O micelle solution. I’ve gone through quite some bottles and I just bought a new one. It’s still my absolute favourite make-up remover because it’s light and gives a clean feeling. I will keep buying this over and over again! Then we see a travel sized bottle of the Make-Up Forever Sens’Eyes. I never used a separate cleanser for eye make-up but this might be one of my favourites out there. It’s good at removing anything, even waterproof mascara and it’s great for people wearing contact lenses. I’m not sure if I will buy a full size, I love it but am still contemplating about this one.


empties eye products



Here we have the eye products. First you see the Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base. I’ve bought this countless times, I will keep buying it and I actually can’t live without it any more. It makes such a huge difference for my eye lashes so I keep stocking up on these. Then we have a mini size version of the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love this, it lasts a good while but the packaging is a bit of an issue. I got this together with an Urban Decay palette. I have a new tube waiting for me in the new packaging that came with a palette. Depending on that I might repurchase but right now I have still my Too Face Shadow Insurance going strong! Next to it we have the Gosh brow gel. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. It’s in a clear shade and it does its job just great. I already repurchased this and I will most probably keep buying this. Then we have the Max Factor False Lash Effect in the non-waterproof version. I normally don’t like non-waterproof mascara but this one is an exception. I already repurchased it and I defintely will keep buying these!


bonus pan porn



Bonus pic! What is this grubby thing you are showing us? Well, it’s the only powder product I’ve ever hit pan on and it’s the Mac Sculpting Powder in Bone Beige. I have this thing for aaaaages and I hit pan on this a while ago. I think it will last me a good while though. It’s pretty amazing how long this is going, I use it every time I do my make-up so this is impressive in my books! I will buy it again if I’m out because it’s the perfect contour shade on my skin tone.


And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed this, now you can see what I actually finish! Please do share your empties with me, I’d love to know all about it! Have a great Sunday y’all!

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