mac mineralize rich lipstick in lady at play 2


Mac lipsticks, you love them, you hate them or you are neutral towards them. I’m a bit of everything when it comes to that. While they have great shades and colours that make me sometimes go ‘oooh’ I’m not always fond of their formulas. I’ve tried quite some and most are just not moisturising enough for my picky dry lips. Also the packaging is Mac, very understated and a tad boring for me. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s the product that counts, but I guess I just really have a weak spot for the packaging. Mac Mineralise Rich lipsticks really piked my interest because the colour selection is just my thing and the promise of a creamy formula sucked me right in!


mac mineralize rich lipstick lady at play

mac mineralize rich lipstick in lady at play


Mac Mineralise Rich lipsticks come in a slightly different packaging than the normal lipsticks. They are a differently proportioned,  come in a typical black look and they have a magnetic closing system which I really appreciate. Funny thing though, if you carry lipsticks with a magnetic system it kinda attacks all hair pins and hair clips in your hand bag. Is that a bonus or what? ^^ The line carries 12 exciting new shades with yummy corals, cool rose, vampy reds and subtle nudes. A lipstick carries 4.04g of product (that’s more than a normal Mac lippie) and goes for 23 euro. The formula is supposed to be a bit thicker and creamier. It promises hydration en longevity and you can build the colour up of these lipsticks.


mac lady at play mineralize rich lipstick swatch

macmineralize rich lipstick in lady at play lip swatch


Lady at Play is a medium to dark bright pink coral with a creamy finish. It’s described as a medium cool orange but to me it has a hint of warmth in it. Also it’s not orange at all, in fact it’s one of the pinker corals in my ever growing coral lipstick collection. I compare Lady At Play with all my corals and it’s actually surprisingly different from the rest. It’s warmer than Guerlain Rouge G in Gracy and darker and more pink than Mac Watch Me Simmer. I would say that Lady At Play is definitely one of the more pinker corals in my collection. The opacity is pretty full on, you can sheer it out a bit but expect quite some pigmentation from these. The texture is creamy and slightly heavier than let’s say a Guerlain Rouge Automatique or a Dior Addict. It’s not too heavy or anything though.


mac mineralize rich lipstick in lady at play look


Mac kept it’s promise when they said that these are hydrating. They really are! Even if you have dry chapped lips, these will actually feel moisturising and good on the lips. They do slightly accentuate the dry chapped bits but if you work it in to the lips for a bit there is no big issue. A great thing about Lady At Play is that despite the richer creamy texture it does not creep into lip lines and it does not move either. The wear time is really great too, I could eat a bit, have some drinks and it all stayed in place. Overall the Mineralise Rich lipsticks are one of their better formulas to me. If you are looking for a creamy hydrating formula, this is for you. Lady At Play is a great pink coral with enough brightness without being too bold. If you loved Mac Ablaze lipstick from this year’s Fashion Sets but didn’t liked the matte finish than this is a great alternative! It’s very close to Ablaze but in a better formula and a creamy finish.


mac mineralize rich lipstick in lady at play look 2

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  1. I love these lipsticks too! I think I need this colour ;-)

  2. Ziet er heel mooi uit!

  3. love this combination of coral & pink. Good that MAC finally has a lipstick that delivers both colour and moisture, like Guerlain Rouge

  4. I usually stay away from MAC lipsticks as I find most of them to be rather drying. However you have me intrigued with these Mineralize ones. This colour looks lovely on you too!

    • Yep, sounds like my problem, they just have a uncomfortable feel after a while, don’t they? Well, these actually don’t, it was quite a nice surprise!

  5. I love this shade, but too bad that it accentuates dry bits though…

  6. Staat je heel mooi!

  7. Erg mooie kleur, staat je goed!

  8. Oh excellent, glad to hear the formula is good too! I still need to pick one of these up :)

  9. I was very curious about these lipsticks. Sounds really great.

    • They are! I think I love the hydrating part the most, so comfy! The pigment is great too, it is really one of their better lipsticks ^^.

  10. Yep, I need it, it’s final.


  11. Staat je erg mooi!

  12. klinkt erg goed :D mooie tint ook!

  13. ik geef je gelijk over de verpakking :)

  14. Wat een prachtige kleur! Rood, maar subtiel. Staat je erg goed!

  15. I used to love MAC lipsticks, and I still like them and own a whole drawer of them. But with their speed of launching new collections, it’s quite hard to follow and after a while, you see the same colors in almost every single collection. But I have to say that this is a beautiful shade. I’m loving bright lips lately and this is right up my alley.

    • Yeah, I understand your feelings towards the brand. It’s just too crazy to keep up and here it is sold out in no time. It’s just frustrating mostly, that’s why I rather tend to look at the permanent line, and these are permanent! ;)

  16. PRETTY!! I love the shade! I should try one of these out as they sound really nice!

    • Oh yeah, you should swatch them! I really like the colours of the line, very wearable and a lot of mid tones. :)

  17. wat een mooie zomerkleur! rood maar niet te overheersend, staat je goed

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