mac bare my soul palette


I’m sure you all noticed that Mac’s Temperature Rising collection is HAWT! Think sexy sun kissed skin paired with sultry eyes. Add some bronzer with a good amount of shimmer and we are ready to take over the beach! The whole collection is just gorgeous, the shades are really well done. We are seeing purple, gold, bronze and even a flash of green. Not only on the nails we have glitter but also on the lips. Now I honestly stay away from too much glitter on my lips but I do think it has it’s appeal. I fell hard and fast for Mac Bare My Soul though. Warm shades with a gorgeous duo chrome eye shadow. Is this a dupe for Mac’s Club? Or is this something different, let’s find out!


mac bare my soul

mac bare my soul quad


This is actually the first time I ever bought an eyeshadow quad from a Mac limited edition. I own a good amount of the Mac permanent eye shadows but I fell in love with other brands in the mean time too. However, Bare My Soul is just a palette I couldn’t resist. All the products of the Temperature Rising collection got a deep warm bronzed mat metallic finish. Same with this quad. You get 4 shades of eyeshadow and the total amount of prouct is 5.6 g. It goes for 38 euro. Compared to a Mac quad with your own refills this is a steal. If we do a little math : 4 times 13 euro (they apparantly raised the price to 13 euro per single eyeshadow, nuts!) plus 6.5 euro for the empty palette you’ll get to 58.5 euro. This is pretty much getting out of hand if you ask me, it’s almost the price of a high end quad! But what I’m trying to say is that the limited edition quads are a steal if they perform well.


mac bare my soul close up

mac bare my soul swatches

from left to right: romantic, bare my soul, friendly, when in rio

mac club vs when in rio

left: Mac Club, right: Mac When In Rio

The four eyeshadows each got names. I’ll going over them starting from the left top clockwise. First we have Romantico. This is a medium neutral toned brown with a soft shimmer. It comes in the Veluxe Pearl finish. It leans to a taupe with very subtle pink tones. The texture is soft and pigmented. Next we have Bare My Soul. This is a medium golden brown with warm tones. The finish is a Lustre. The shimmer is slightly bigger and the texture is a bit drier. The pigmentation is great though. Then we have the start of the palette: When In Rio. This is a duo chrome with a dark teal green shade that blends out to a warm brown shade without being orange or red.  The finish is a Frost. The green tone is very strong though. This is the driest eye shadow out of all four. I just had to compare this to Mac Club and I can happily say that they are very different. Club has a stronger duo chrome finish and is lighter overall. It’s also a lot more red and warmer. When In Rio was a bit harder to swatch but it applied perfectly well on the eyes. Last shade is Friendly. This is the softest most pigmented out of all four. It’s a dark rich warm brown with a Veluxe Pearl finish.


mac bare my soul eye look 2


mac bare my soul eye look 3


mac bare my soul eye look

Here is how I used it: first I applied Romantico all over the eyelid with Friendly in the outer corners of my eye. The I used When In Rio in the crease and blended it out. I used Bare My Soul in the middle of the eye for a bit of contrast. I also used this to highlight the inner corners of the eye. Under my eyes I used When In Rio over a black pencil. There are endless possibilities but I wanted to show you one possibility to in cooperate all shades in one look. The colours work wonderfully well together and the result is a very sultry sexy smoky eye with that little bit of extra!


mac bare my soul look 4

mac bare my soul look 3


I’m absolutely thrilled with Bare My Soul, it’s definitely going to be my summer eyeshadow palette. Let’s be honest though, I mainly bought this because of When In Rio, it’s everything that I wanted Mac Club to be. This will be a lot more wearable for most people because not everyone can pull of the strong red tone of Mac Club. The other shades are great performers too and for once the overall quality of this Mac palette is just great. If you are looking for a neutral palette with that little bit of extra, look no further! Be quick though because you know how these things go fast! Also have a great week y’all!


mac bare my soul look 2

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  1. “When in rio” color is the same as a wet n wild color I not paying for that

  2. Wat een product! Zeker het proberen waard :)

  3. Gorgeous look! I wasn’t planning on getting anything from the collection, but am so tempted by this quad. It looks beautiful on you :)

  4. Looks amazing! This quad does indeed look like it’s high quality, so €38 seems a right price for it! The combinations are amazing as well. I would totally buy it if I hadn’t made a deal with myself NOT to get anymore eyeshadows for another while! Sniff.

  5. Wat een prachtig palette en de pigmentatie: top! :-) Je hebt er een onwijs mooie ooglook meegemaakt!

  6. Hi Teri, You’ve made such a gorgeous look! Bare My Soul looks perfect for a sultry summer eye :)

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ik ben jaloersè! Ik was zo ziek en kon niet buiten, en als het al gekund had had ik toch moeten werken…

    • Aaww :(. Ben je al terug beter? Ik had echt heel veel geluk want ik was toevallig in de buurt. Ik was niet echt van plan om het te kopen en toen begon ik te swatchen… :p


  9. Darn it Teri, how did you do that?? I totally thought I was immune to this collection but then you had to go and post such lovely pics/swatches of it and make me lust after it!! :P This quad is really gorgeous, though. It’s such a unique, interesting pairing but it really works beautifully together! Wow! I may have to go give these a swatch at the counter this week!

  10. Your hair! :O love it! and I like how you created this eye look, when in rio looks amazing, it’s like the perfect non boring smokey colour for a lot of looks xxx

  11. I love how you wore it! :) Didn’t think much of the quad until I saw it on your eyes.

  12. Teri, you look amazing! I wasn’t going to pay attention to this launch but you’ve convinced me to look now. I love the way you did your eyes!

    • Thanks a lot Michelle! The dangers of reading other blogs eh ;). It’s a very pretty one, you should definitely check it out! ^^

  13. Ooh I love it! I absolutely adore the application. I’ve been thinking about these quads and just might have to pick one up. I’ve been craving some new gold and bronzes for summer.

  14. Prachtige kleuren! When In Rio is echt te mooi, door deze kleur wilt iedereen dit paletje hebben :P

  15. Mooie kleurtjes en prachtige look!

  16. Ik vind de kleuren verrassend mooi eigenlijk ! Mooie look ook trouwens :)

  17. I still like this kind of eye look on you best!

  18. Schitterende kleuren, nooit verwacht eigenlijk! I know baaaad, maar sommige oogschaduws van MAC zijn niet zo geweldig in de quads. Dit bewijst natuurlijk dik het tegendeel, I like. Ook de meerdere ondertonen in de oogschaduws + de look die je er natuurlijk mee hebt gemaakt. ^^ Love de donkere buitenste ooghoeken die naar een lichtere kleur verlopen.

    • Jep, gelijk hoor! De meeste quads spreken me gewoon niet aan, er zijn altijd wel een paar kleuren die niet echt zo mijn ding zijn. mar deze was nu echt alles wat ik wou! Het was iig super leuk om mee te werken ^^!

  19. i want to ask a question…like you,i also have many eyeshadows and how long should i keep them i have nvey eco eyeshadows and it is said that as they are almost organic i can use them till its used up fully do you recommend anything about it any idea? thanks a lot

    • Now that’s an interesting question Senem. I have to admit that I don’t really have a lot of experience with organic eye shadows. I can see how they might have a shorter shelf live but I honestly don’t really know. As for my normal eyeshadows I keep them until they are used up really. If they don’t apply the way they should be or if I experience any irritation I would throw it away. Hope it helps!

  20. You always buy things right when I am lusting after them :) You must have excellent taste. I am thinking of picking this up, it would be my first MAC quad – and I actually only own 2-3 other MAC shadows.

    • Lol! Sorry hon! I know that feeling too well tho, all those blogs are just so dangerous :p. It’s my first pre-made Mac quad and it’s amazing, but yeah, you need to pick them carefully!

  21. I love this quad! All the colors in it are so me! And so you too, apparently, you look lovely! :-)

  22. Don’t shoot me, maar ik ben niet zo gek op deze kleuren. Gewoon niet mijn ding waarschijnlijk :)

  23. Wat een prachtige kleuren!

  24. Oh man I really need this quad!!! When is it going to be online now, MAC? One of the few moments I regret not living in a big city anymore ;)

  25. when in rio is echt een leuk kleurtje :)

  26. Wow, wat een mooi product!

  27. Oh my, de look die je gemaakt hebt is echt ontzettend mooi! ik heb echt al meer dan genoeg neutrale kleurtjes maar when in rio is gewoon prachtig

  28. Oh my goodness! I haven’t bought anything from MAC in ages I don’t think (their products don’t generally tempt me the way they used to), but this palette is gorgeous! I actually wanted it after seeing swatches on Temptalia, but your post has sold me! I’m not sure if I should get it though because I have SO many eyeshadows at this point and I don’t generally use my MAC ones much anymore, but this combination of shadows is just…..beautiful.

    • Exactly my thoughts when I saw it ^^. It’s very much a big exception because yeah, we are drowning in eyeshadows, right? But that duo chrome seduced me, hah!

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